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Updated on 19 September, 2022 1:47 PM
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    Upland is a pioneering blockchain metaverse that aims to recreate the world by providing new opportunities for businesses and gamers to interact, play, and earn money. The platform runs a sophisticated virtual economy with a cutting-edge play-to-earn paradigm, with over 2 million property non-fungible tokens (NFTs) issued and 100,000 property owners as of today. It’s easy to see why this Monopoly-like metaverse game is providing a sound business model for players.


    Gameplay of Upland

    In the game, players can buy and sell properties that are colour-coded. The properties are divided into two groups: minted properties and un-minted properties. Other players own minted assets, but un-minted properties have never been owned. 

    In Upland, there are six different sorts of properties that players can purchase. To make an offer on a property or to purchase it for the asking price, users need to click the property. If there is no price listed, users can still make an offer.

    Users must conduct market research and comprehend the prices of neighbouring properties in order to sell a property in Upland. The player is free to list their home on the secondary market in both UPX(in-game token of Upland) and USD as an Uplander.

    In the metaverse, the Upland team supports user-generated content. The user has additional options for the things they wish to make thanks to the ability to build buildings atop of their properties.

    How does Upland work?

    In the virtual game Upland, players control the land on which they develop. Play, Earn, and Connect are the three basic game mechanics that the Upland developers emphasise. A community directory has just been added to the site so that users and gamers with similar interests can network, develop, and profit from one another.

    Upland gives users the opportunity to discover more about the world of virtual property transactions in a lighthearted manner. At a period when the metaverse is getting popular and the land among these new virtual worlds becomes more and more valuable, Upland offers intriguing insights into the realm of virtual real estate.

    The digital economy that has been established on the EOS blockchain has given the in-game items owned by players real-world worth. Cooperation with Tilia allows for the sale of properties for USD. Tilia is a digital wallet platform that makes it possible for developers of digital games and online worlds to establish in-world economies and earn money from player engagement.

    Users can also connect worldwide through this game by playing with others in the community and connecting via telegram or discord.

    UPX tokenomics

    On the EOS mainnet, UPX is the main in-game currency and exchangeable token. The Upland ecosystem uses the utility token UPX for in-game interactions and transactions. Since it is developed on the EOS blockchain, nearly all of the game's actions are actual transactions that are sent to the blockchain and logged there.

    Every player begins with a tiny sum of UPX to aid in the purchase of their initial properties. Each Upland property quietly generates UPX at a rate of about 17% of the original mint price.

    The NFTs can be traded despite the fact that UPX is a utility token. Within the Upland ecosystem, Upland asset NFTs already are fully tradable and support for additional NFT types will be added soon.

    What Upland offers to its player base 

    Upland offers incentives to players who amass all of the properties contained within a collection, much like collecting cards of the same colour in Monopoly. Players can increase their property revenues and receive one-time incentives if they have the entire collection.

    Players of Upland may market their properties in dollars thanks to a collaboration between Upland and Tilia Pay. A player can buy your property after you list it, and also the player will transfer USD into your account rather than UPX.



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