What is PARAS 2.0?

Updated on 25 November, 2022 10:36 AM
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    PARAS is touted as an all-in-one social digital art cards marketplace for creators and collectors. It focuses on digital collectibles. The platforms bring conventional collectibles to the crypto space. It started with digital art cards that were inspired by real-world trading cards. The platform believes that every physical art form should be future-proof by storing and digitizing. 

    In this article, we will discuss in detail the PARAS 2.0 platform and how it can be beneficial for young crypto users. Before that, we would like to guide you about Flint, a decentralized crypto-staking platform that helps you generate passive income through high APY.

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    With PARAS, you can diversify the assets to digital collectibles. They are working to produce and develop crypto-native IPs as new IPs could tailor new experiences of these mediums: comics, games, and toys. In the future, they will build a metaverse where PARAS will become the gateway for accessing multiple sources of entertainment. Developers aim to bring common collectibles to the crypto space using this new version of the NFT marketplace.


    Benefits of PARAS 2.0

    PARAS holders can claim rewards if they stake their tokens, and participate in key governance votes. Also, they can get exclusive access to features from PARAS' artists and partners.

    • Staking: PARAS holders can stake their tokens and earn more cryptocurrency. If you stake the PARAS token, you can claim more rewards through the Marketplace Rewards Program. 
    • Loyalty Program: PARAS holders are part of our Loyalty Program and can access more benefits that come through our partners, like whitelist spots for upcoming NFT launches and limited edition physical goods. 
    • Governance: The platform gives much emphasis on the Community. Most of the updates come from the voice of the community members. PARAS holders can vote and shape the future of PARAS.
    • It also offers Digital Comics and you can interact, engage, and support the creators through collectibles NFTs.

    It takes systemic preparation to migrate to this platform. The platform has been operating with non-standard NFTs. Its NFTs are standardized based on NEP-171. The goal of the team is to make the platform accessible to all creators. Users who have a NEAR account can mint their NFTs on PARAS.  

    The ratio (64x89) constraint for NFTs on PARAS is abolished in PARAS 2.0. The new version provides all pixels, ratios, and forms that you produce. Currently, it supports a 16 MB file size, but they are trying to accommodate bigger file sizes. They are also planning to support more formats for our artists. The platform invites new creators and they will get a verification mark on PARAS 2.0 platform. The verified creator can create publications.


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