Invest and grow
your stablecoins
Designed for the crypto natives
Invest now
Returns of up to 10%
Your USDTs and USDCs feel so at home here, that they will grow by 10% by the end of the year. Allow your stable coins to generate stable returns for you.
No secrets, no fine print
There are no hidden fees on Flint. Whatever charges you will incur will be shared with you upfront. We take transparency seriously.
Unconditionally unlocked
There are no lock-in periods on Flint. You can withdraw anytime and have the funds in your wallet instantly. We keep your investment liquid, even when its growing.
We've got your back
With Flint, you don’t have to overthink risks. We are always transparent about it and have professional risk managers trying to reduce it further, constantly. Rest assured, we have got your back.
All cash, no cache
The returns your stable coins generate on Flint will be added to your portfolio, every second, as stablecoins itself. There are no twisted terms or token rewards that keep you away from your wealth.
Encrypted data
All of Flint’s data exchange happens through SSL using TLS 1.2 and all your sensitive data is securely stored with AES-256 encryption.
Audited partners
Our business partners are financially audited at regular intervals, to keep a check on bankruptcy risk and fraud.
Robust KYC
Our KYC algorithm ensures the strictest identification checks at par with well-regulated instruments while making it easy for you.