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Updated on 26 November, 2022 9:14 AM
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    What is ThunderCore?

    Decentralised applications (Dapps) and Decentralised Finance (DeFi) can be run on the high-performance smart contract platform ThunderCore (TT). Thundercore guarantees minimal costs and support for any applications created for the well-liked Ethereum Platform. The base currency of Thundercore Network is TT, which is utilised for value transfers and platform-related gas costs.

    Thundercore makes an effort to address scalability by enabling confirmations in less than one second. Many blockchain initiatives have been focusing on scaling and enhancing network speeds during the last few years. Up until recently, scaling blockchains appeared to be practically difficult due to the failure of significant projects like Ethereum to achieve so. It appears that ThunderCore has figured it out, and it may be on track to surpass industry titans like Ethereum in scaling.

    ThunderCore seeks to become a high-performance blockchain that facilitates widespread dApp adoption. It offers interoperability, security, quickness, and relatively inexpensive transaction fees (low gas cost). The native cryptocurrency of the ThunderCore network is the ThunderCore (sometimes referred to as ThunderToken or TT). ThunderToken is used to pay gas fees and value transfers, same to how ETH is used on the Ethereum network.

    How does ThunderCore work?

    Numerous projects have attempted and failed to balance scalability with the continued need of decentralisation and security. However, ThunderCore makes an original attempt to do this. By establishing a Fast Path and a Slow Path, they achieve this. The Fast Path is for ideal circumstances. The Slow Path is for dire circumstances only.

    What are the Fast and Slow Paths?

    The Fast Path functions as a network highway that enables instant confirmations. ThunderCore players can switch to the Slow Path if anything goes wrong on the Fast Path, though. The Slow Path resembles a maze of side streets. Although it isn't extremely quick, it is trustworthy.

    ThunderCore provides quick and simple validation for the Fast Path in two different methods. The "Committee," which is carried out by a group of interested parties. adding the "Accelerator" to linearize data and transactions. Because it is one of the most reliable networks in the sector, ThunderCore employs Ethereum as the Slow Path. When there is an assault or poor network conditions, the slow path will take precedence. It serves as a test to evaluate if the Accelerator is operating properly.

    Staking on ThunderCore

    There is no thundercore mining since it is impossible to mine thundercore in order to produce fresh TT or earn passive money. Instead, TT is staked by being locked up in a specific wallet in order to passively earn Thundercore. The length of the confinement, which might be 7 days, 30 days, 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year, determines how much is rewarded. It is simple to stake Thundercore utilising the mobile wallet and a staking pool.

    How to get started with ThunderCore?

    Step 1: Install MetaMask on your browser: You can do this by adding the MetaMask browser extension. Create a Metamask account and configure the security settings.

    Step 2: Purchase ThunderToken (TT): Tokens are available through the Metamask browser extension. Choose "custom RPC" from the drop-down menu by clicking it. Select "advanced option" under "new network section."

    Step 3: Your Metamask will display the TT sign. On the ThunderCore website, enter your Metamask TT address into the relevant form to receive 50 free tokens. Tokens can also be bought using this method.


    This was all you needed to know to start with ThunderCore. Because it scales both transactions and smart contracts, ThunderCore is unique. This could imply that security and decentralisation can still be maintained when having thousands of transactions per second.

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