What is Augur, a No-Limit Betting Platform on the Ethereum Blockchain

Updated on 12 September, 2022 11:07 AM
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    Ethereum Betting Platform - Augur 

    Augur is a software which ensures Ethereum-based prediction market platform will be maintained by a global network of computers. 

    A prediction market is similar to an exchange in that players wager on the results of events rather than trade assets. Without relying on a corporation to build or regulate these markets, people can create and trade "shares" that represent a piece of the value of outcomes using Augur.

    There is no restriction on what events can be traded, thus markets may be built to assist anticipate the outcome of everything from election outcomes to the weather. The programme itself keeps an order book for each market created. Users are compensated for making accurate predictions, just like in any other wagering system. If they don't, they forfeit the bid money. Market players are supposed to benefit by assisting outside observers in gathering global data points using crowdsourced expertise.

    REP: Native Token of Augur Betting Platform on Ethereum

    Users are paid with REP, the cryptocurrency that drives the Augur network, if and when they accurately predict events. The REP token itself can be used to start a prediction market, contest a result that is already known, or buy participation tokens. REP can also be acquired by users through exchange purchases, reporting on bet results, or taking the winning side in an outcome dispute.

    The value of Augur's REP cryptocurrency comes from its capacity to guarantee the effective execution of smart contracts that rely on the Augur network. Most importantly, REP is the sole currency that can be used to report event outcomes and is part of the network itself.

    How to Bet with Ethereum on Augur Betting Platform?

    Follow these steps to start placing bets on the Augur platform:

    Connect Your Wallet 

    To connect to Augur, you'll need a wallet. Directly on the app, you may select from a range of options and sign up for one. You can send and receive money using your public address and private keys by utilising your wallet, which also shows your balances. Always keep your private key private and make sure it is securely backed up somewhere else.

    Load DAI to Place Bets on Augur

    You will need DAI to place a wager on Augur. In most regions, you can either use a credit card to directly buy DAI or another cryptocurrency of your choice, such ETH, which can then be exchanged for DAI within the app.

    Despite Augur's extremely cheap fees for successful traders, additional transaction fees (referred to as gas fees) must be paid for actions like taking a trade from the order book due to the blockchain technology used by the platform. In addition, when you first sign up, activating your account will result in a one-time transaction charge, enabling you to bet and pay for gas in the same currency instead of having to use two different ones.

    You are now ready to place your first bet on Augur

    Competitors of Augur

    We must know that there are other cryptocurrencies that are also attempting to disrupt the prediction market, so Augur may face user competition that puts pressure on the value of its coin.

    Other decentralised prediction market platforms, including Gnosis, which offers a range of technical capabilities, are Augur's main rivals. Gnosis seeks to offer an open-source infrastructure for Ethereum-based prediction markets.


    In conclusion, Augur is a well-known cryptocurrency that has successfully navigated a number of obstacles. It offers a distinct value proposition in terms of speculation and betting due to the lack of entry barriers, which many investors may find appealing.

    By enabling users to create their own decentralised marketplaces, Augur has developed a distinctive value proposition as an oracle maintained only by its users.

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