What is ENS (Ethereum Name Service) and how can you get one?

Updated on 19 August, 2022 6:26 AM
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    Introduction to the Ethereum Name Service

    When it comes to the Ethereum Name Service or ENS, there is a lot of information out there. But what is ENS? In short, ENS is a domain name system that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. This means that ENS allows users to register and resolve names using the Ethereum blockchain instead of using IP addresses. This may sound confusing, but ENS is pretty simple. In this blog post, you'll learn what ENS is, how it works, and why you might want to use it.

    What is the Ethereum Name Service ENS?

    An open, extensible, distributed naming system built on the Ethereum blockchain is the Ethereum Name Server (ENS).

    Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a decentralized mechanism for discovering user-friendly Ethereum addresses, called Ethereum Name Service (ENS).

    ENS addresses the need for human-readable names for Ethereum addresses, which currently consist of a long string of hexadecimal characters. These long strings are not user-friendly and are difficult to remember. With ENS, you can use a name like "My Name. Eth" that will trace back to your Ethereum address. This makes it much easier for users to connect to your smart contracts or transfer your ETH.

    The ENS provides a higher-level domain name system integrated with the Ethereum smart contract platform. The ENS is intended as a replacement for the existing Domain Name System (DNS), which is centralized and vulnerable to attack.

    The ENS is designed to be resistant to censorship and decentralized so that it is not controlled by a single entity. The ENS is open source and available to anyone who wishes to use it.

    How does the Ethereum Name Service ENS work?

    Essentially, it allows anyone to register an easy-to-remember name that points to their Ethereum address. This means that instead of having to remember a long, complicated Ethereum address, you can instead send ETH or tokens to names like "My Name. Eth'. Because ENS is decentralised, there is no single entity responsible for its operation; instead, it is managed by a collection of smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. This makes it very difficult for anyone to manipulate the registry, as they would have to change the data on every single computer on the network. ENS Addresses are stored as a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. This smart contract contains the mapping of names to addresses and is updated whenever a new name is registered or an existing name is changed.

    How to acquire an Ethereum domain name?

    To acquire an Ethereum domain name, you need to follow some procedures.

    • First of all, you need to create an Ethereum wallet.
    • Download a crypto wallet. You can choose from several different Ethereum wallets like MyEtherWallet or MetaMask to register an ENS name
    • Once you have registered an ENS name, you can use it to send ETH and other Ethereum tokens. 
    • The next step is to buy some Ether tokens (ETH). If you use a cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase or Kraken will allow you to buy Ether. You can buy an Ethereum domain name once you have your Ether tokens (ETH).
    • You can now buy domain names using a service like ENS Manager or Ethereum Name Service. Ether Easy-to-Service is a decentralized service that allows you to buy and use domain names on the Ethereum blockchain.
    • If you want to buy an easy-to-use domain name, we recommend Easy-to-Service. It offers a simple and easy-to-use interface that makes buying and using Ethereum domain names a breeze.


    On the Ethereum blockchain, you can register human-readable names for addresses using the Ethereum Name Service (ENS). This is useful because you can remember an Ethereum address by its name, rather than a long, alphanumeric string. It also makes it easier to send ETH or tokens to someone because you can simply type in the ENS name instead of the address.

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