CryptoPunks: Origin Story and Where You Can Buy Them

Updated on 25 August, 2022 3:07 PM
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    The CryptoPunks include 10,000 generated characters that are unique. There are no two exactly alike, and each one can be claimed as the sole owner on the Ethereum blockchain. Anyone with an Ethereum wallet could have initially claimed them for free, but all 10,000 were swiftly taken. Now, they have to be acquired through the marketplace, which is built into the blockchain. You can purchase, sell, and offer punks for sale on this market.

    CryptoPunks Origin Story

    CryptoPunks was launched in June 2017 by Larva Labs, a duo of creative technologists led by Matt Hall and John Watkinson.

    CryptoPunks was made available as an attempt to study the dynamics of scarcity and demand as an antithesis to the flexible and centralised nature of popular collectibles. Each 24x24 8-bit style pixel art image was created using a series of algorithmic templates, with the final designs being randomly generated and unchangeable once they were published on the Ethereum network. The images were influenced by the 1970s London punk scene and the dystopian grit of cyberpunk.

    Because of that distinct process, the variations in the collection are listed in order of rarity based on specific characteristics like beards, caps, and pipes as well as by types, with nine light-blue-skinned alien Punks being the most uncommon. 9,000 Punks were initially given away by Larva Labs for no charge to everyone with an Ethereum wallet, less the cost of gas fees, which were 11 cents at the time. 1,000 Punks were preserved by Larva Labs exclusively. Although it took a while for the collection to acquire popularity, it eventually sold out thanks to promotion from media sources. 

    How to Get Started with CryptoPunks?

    Buy BTH and send it to you MetaMask wallet

    NFTs must be bought instead using Ether, the native coin of the Ethereum network. Coinbase, eToro, and Gemini are three excellent sites where you can buy ether. You must move your money to an Ethereum wallet once you have enough Ether to buy your punk.

    buy eth on coinbase to purchase crypto punks

    You have to link a software wallet to Larva Lab's website in order to buy a CryptoPunk. Metamask is the most widely used software wallet because interacting with websites that accept cryptocurrencies is made simple by its Chrome extension. 

    Keep your NFTs in an Ethereum wallet if you want to hold them securely. Your cryptocurrencies and NFTs are stored in computer programmes called software wallets, such Coinbase Wallet and Metamask.

    send ethereum to your metamask wallet to purchase cryptopunks

    Login to LarvaLabs Website with your Metamask Wallet

    On Ethereum's blockchain, all 10,000 CryptoPunks have already been minted. As a result, you must buy a CryptoPunk from someone who already owns the item if you wish to buy one. To achieve this, visit the Larva Lab website and look at the CryptoPunks that are offered for sale. The costs of these collectibles range from about 90 Ether to thousands of Ethereum.

    select you cryptopunk on the larvalabs website

    You can purchase a listing using cryptocurrency in your Ethereum wallet. While some can be bought instantly, some others don't have a fixed price. The transaction will be performed over Ethereum's blockchain and the NFT will be paid to the buyer if the seller accepts your bid.


    Collecting digital artefacts is enjoyable, but their prices are extremely speculative and have little inherent worth. However, you can anticipate an increase in price for these collectibles if demand for NFTs continues to grow. Only 10,000 Cryptopunks have ever been created, and each one is unique. Collectors who believe Cryptopunks will remain a well-liked digital collectible are drawn to their rarity.

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