Beginner's guide to dYdX and its tokenomics

Updated on 23 August, 2022 1:32 PM
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    Dydx is a decentralized crypto exchange that enables the margin trading of digital assets. It is built on the Ethereum network and uses smart contracts to facilitate transactions. Dydx enables the lending and borrowing of digital assets and the issuance of margin loans.

    Dydx is a cryptocurrency exchange created to provide users with a way to trade digital assets securely. For individuals looking to trade cryptocurrencies, the exchange offers several advantages that make it a desirable choice. This blog will discuss how Dydx works, its token and tokenomics

    How does dYdX work?

    DYDX is a decentralized crypto exchange that allows margin trading of ERC20 tokens. It is based on Ethereum smart contracts and the 0x protocol. ERC20 tokens can be traded on the Ethereum blockchain thanks to the open-source, decentralized 0x protocol.

    The protocol is designed to fit easily into various wallets and exchanges. DYDX uses Ethereum smart contracts to facilitate margin trading. Users can trade with leverage, and the contracts will automatically settle trades and manage margin calls.

    The DYDX exchange is in beta and is available with various ERC20 tokens. The development team intends to support more features and tokens later. If you are interested in margin trading with ERC20 tokens, you should check out DYDX. The exchange is easy to use and offers many options.

    Read more about the workings of dYdX and how to get started with dYdX

    DYDX token and its tokenomics

    The DYDX token is a new ERC20 token used to operate the decentralized DYDX exchange. The DYDX exchange will be built on the 0x protocol and enable tokenized trading of any ERC-20 token. The DYDX token will be used to pay trading fees on the exchange and will also be used to provide liquidity to the exchange.

    The DYDX tokenomics are intended to incentivize users to hold and use the token and provide liquidity to the exchange.

    A total of 100 million DYDX tokens are available, 50% of which will be distributed to the dYdX community, which consists of liquidity providers, traders, stakeholders, and users who reach trading milestones. The municipal treasury will also receive a portion of this share.

    The remaining shares will be divided as follows:

    • 27.73% of the coins will be distributed to current investors.
    • 15.27% of tokens will be allocated to each official member of the dydx team, including founders, consultants, employees, and others who will receive a certain number of tokens.
    • 7% of the tokens will be reserved for future employees and consultants of the platform.

    The DYDX ICO is live, and tokens will be sold for 1 ETH = 10,000 DYDX. The ICO will continue until all tokens are sold or until the end of the month, whichever comes first. All unsold tokens will be burned. So far, DYDX ICO has raised over $5 million, and the team is currently working on building the exchange. If you are interested in participating in the ICO or using the DYDX exchange, visit the DYDX website and sign up.


    The dydx crypto exchange is a great way to invest in digital currencies. It offers a variety of benefits, including a wide selection of coins and tokens, low fees, and a user-friendly interface. Moreover, tokenomics are very attractive, with low supply and high demand.

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