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Updated on 28 November, 2022 11:44 AM
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    DApps or Decentralized Apps (dApps) are digital applications that run on blockchains. All transactions, funds, and activities of users in the DApps are secured and owned only by the user. It doesn’t have any interference from third-party authorities unlike in centralized systems banks interfere. These dApps have a long address that is used for transactions. It is hard to remember. You can use ENS to make it simpler and more attractive. You can own your .eth domain easily by following a systemic process.
    ENS is useful to interact with the Ethereum network. It saves your time to type long addresses without altering the security of our funds. ENS domains let users show ownership of the address. It can be used as your website domain through IPFS as a host.

    What is ENS?

    ENS stands for Ethereum Name Service. It is a dApp that lets users shorten their long Ethereum addresses. ENS is an Ethereum network and smart contracts-based domain names. For understanding, you can think like ENS is the DNS version of the Ethereum blockchain. ENS is not only limited to sending and receiving Ethereum but it can be used as the domain name. Instead of .com or .org, users can use .eth which is more appealing to crypto enthusiasts.

    It is a distributed naming system for the Ethereum blockchain. Nick Johnson founded ENS in 2017. ENS translates complex crypto wallet addresses and long hexadecimal strings of numbers and hashes, into readable wallet names. ENS lets users share and remember Ethereum addresses on the blockchain easily.

    How can I register a .eth domain?

    You can register the .eth domain through https://ens.domains/ and establish a web3 connection from your Ethereum wallet. You can use the Trust Wallet app to make it simpler.

    • Open the app and go to the DApp browser.
    • Next, you need to access the Ethereum Name Service DApp. As you are using Trust Wallet, a web3 connection will automatically be established. Ensure the ETH address you want to convert to ENS is correct.
    • You will be redirected to ens.domain registration page. Enter the desired name on the box and enter
    • If your desired name is already taken, you can buy it at an auction in https://enslisting.com/ website or you can just think of a new name.
    • To maintain the ownership of your ENS you have to select the lifespan of your domain name. Anytime you can renew your ENS. (You can own a .eth domain for a year for0.012 ETH or 10 years for 0.123 ETH)
    • Click on register and wait for the confirmation window for confirmation of the payment.
    • You now have your .eth domain

    How Much Does It Cost to Register an ENS Domain?

    The ENS cost varies. The shorter the domain name the costs are usually higher. Users purchase popular five-letter, four-letter, or three-letter domain names. The average cost of an ENS is $5 per year.

    Key Features

    • ENS is a decentralized, and open-source service for the community, and a central team manages its decision-making authority. 
    • ENS are NFTs with unique properties and users can sell them for profit.
    • To distribute more autonomy among the ENS community, the developers allowed its governance to be managed by the public.
    • The ENS governance token was distributed to ENS decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) delegates. 
    • The ENS DAO community is given ENS tokens and collectively they make decisions to enhance the ENS system.


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