Is Presearch.io the Google for Web3?

Updated on 28 September, 2022 3:27 PM
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    What is Presearch.io? Google for Web3

    Web3 never fails to amaze us, right? Who would have wondered about Web3 offering an alternative to Google? If you were unaware of this fact, this blog is going to be an amazing read for you. Here, we will take you through a detailed analysis of the unique features of Presearch.io and how to use them. So let’s get started.

    Presearch - The Search Engine for Web3

    Presearch is a decentralized seach engine developed by the community and provides you rewards with each search. It was founded in 2017 by Colin Pape. It gives you better results and also keeps your data secured. Google being the biggest centralized seach engine, is the primary competitor of Presearch. The community at Presearch functions with the aim of bringing together people from around the world and giving them the rights to create and spread knowledge. Presearch is doing great in terms of its reach because as of the time of writing this blog, the search engine had over 200 million searches per month and was accessed by more than 3.5 million users.

    How is Presearch different from Google?

    Presearch has certain unique distinguishing features that makes it better than Google. Some of these features are briefly listed below:

    • A Community Project: Since presearch is developed by a vast community worldwide, these members are strongly bonded with each other over various chat groups. They contribute open source code packages to their source code repository. These members also play the role of users or helpers who simply work with the aim of creating awareness.
    • Decentralization: The Preseach search engine operated by the community members is entirely decentralized and runs on node servers maintained by the community.
    • Better Search Results: The search results provided by Presearch are at par with those provided by the best search engines in the world. The Presearch community aims to further better the experience of searching by implementing a user-curated supplementary index in the future.
    • Enhanced Privacy: Presearch takes full responsibility of your data while you search. Unlike centralized search engines which quickly associate your search data with various e-commerce platforms to so that the platform owners are aware about your current needs, this is not the case with decentralized search engines like Presearch. Presearch does not track or store your searches. The queries put up on Presearch are managed by a decentralized network of node servers that handles the processing of anonymous requests.
    • Rewards: You have a high scope of earning rewards if you are a Presearch community member. Presearch helps you earn rewards when you operate a node, when you search, or when you refer others to join Presearch. That is a great marketing idea which is in place! The community members aim to provide more opportunities as the project progresses.
    • Supports other Search Engines: Presearch also supports other search engines such as DuckDuckGo, Yandex, Google, and more amounting to a total of more than 100 search engines.  

    Native Token of Presearch

    Presearch has a native token, PRE, that can be staked to rank higher in the search results. It is created with an ERC-20 smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. PRE has a maximum supply of 500 million units. The token ensures decentralization of Presearch and is built to power the search engine. The community aims to launch Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) soon and after its launch, PRE holders will have the right to vote on decisions concerning the platform. They will also be able to submit proposals to the community which if approved by them can be implemented on the platform.

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