Midas Investments and Tokenomics of Midas Token

Updated on 12 September, 2022 11:06 AM
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    What is Midas Investments?

    Midas Investments is the organisation with the highest interest rates in the global cryptocurrency world. Due to concerns that the yield is "too good to be true," many people are leery of this custodial cryptocurrency investing platform and steer clear of it. Here we will try to know about this platform to clear any misconceptions and have a better idea of it.

     It describes itself as a worldwide business, and it has a Swiss legal presence.The platform has acknowledged that no investors have suffered any losses on it so far, but the information that is publicly available is restricted, as it is with many other crypto platforms.

     Two cryptocurrency fanatics launched the business in 2018, and it now employs over 30 people. Iakov Levin also referred to as "Trevor" and Parker are the company's founders.

    Even though the CEO and a large portion of the crew are Russian, the corporation was keen to point out that the business is not subject to Russian law and has never been because of the conflict in Ukraine.


    Who can use Midas Investments?

    Users should be atleast 18 years of age and have a valid email address to increase the yield on their cryptocurrency using Midas.

    The newest addition to these requirements is Completing the KYC verification process. Since the company has been functioning since early 2018, it was unexpected to discover that this practice has only recently gone into place. KYC is used to stop money laundering and fight fraud.

    How Does Midas Investments Generate Yield?

    The platform employs a wide range of various techniques to produce yield for its consumers, such as: supplying Uniswap V3 with concentrated liquidity, farming with leveraged liquidity, providing assets and consistent liquidity to protect against market declines, etc.

    All of these techniques aid Midas Investments in generating revenue that is distributed to its users as returns and raises the platform's credibility.

    With yields as high as 29.6% on TOKE, Midas has a history of offering the highest rates in the whole crypto lending sector.

    Midas Investment Stats

    Midas' goal is to assist small-scale investors in creating stable passive income in the new cryptocurrency industry so they may maintain their lifetime of financial independence.

    Over 35,000 investors from all over the world and more than $100 million in assets under management were attracted to Midas Investments in just four years. Over 7,000 of the over 18,000 members of the cryptocurrency site are active users.

    Investors have access to a wide variety of cryptocurrency assets, a swap function, and a yield-automated portfolio on the platform, making Midas the preferred location to create a yield-generating portfolio.


    The Midas Investments Token and MIDAS Tokenomics

    The FANTOM blockchain network serves as the foundation for the 2021 launch of the MIDAS coin. 23 different assets, including the company's own Midas cryptocurrency, are supported by Midas Investments.

    A total of 5,000,0000 MIDAS tokens are in circulation. The MIDAS token has a return of 27.4% APY and is available for purchase on Spiritswap or Bombswap.

    The boost function, which for certain of the tokens significantly raises the returns, is what distinguishes Midas' results from other algorithms. By acquiring their assets in MIDAS tokens, consumers can increase their returns by using the boost function.

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