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Updated on 30 July, 2022 11:55 AM
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    The last couple of month has been full of awe, for all of us in the ecosystem. But we at Flint, have been cooking something special for our community. Although the price of Bitcoin, ETH, and a lot of cryptocurrencies have lost a lot of value in the last 2 months because of macroeconomic factors, we at Flint believe that the community belief is the strongest it ever has been. Crypto-natives across the globe, including Flint’s community, have been seeing this as a great opportunity to buy the dip and brace for the next bull cycle.

    So, what did we do?

    We listened.

    Launching 11 new coins to grow your crypto passively

    Flint has launched 11 new coins on its platform for investors to hold and grow their coins. Here is the list of new coins added:

    1. FTM
    2. MATIC
    3. AVAX
    4. TRX
    5. AXS
    6. BCH
    7. DAI
    8. DOT
    9. SOL
    10. ETH
    11. BTC

    You can now deposit these coins on Flint, along with USDT and USDC, and grow your crypto every second. With this update, Flint believes it is opening up to a much larger community of Bitcoin and Ether holders, enabling them to deposit their coins on Flint too.

    The need to launch more coins

    Although the crypto market has taken a beating in the last few months, we believe it is well positioned to get better in the longer term. This resonates with the feature demands from our community members and the broader market in general. People are more bullish on Bitcoin than ever and want to hold and grow them for the longer term. Inflation rates touching double digits in some of the largest economies is only strengthening their belief in Bitcoin.

    This new update will allow you to park your Bitcoin, Ether, Sol, Avax, Matic, and many more coins on Flint and earn attractive yield, passively.

    Interest rates offered on these coins

    Flint continues to offer the same returns on stablecoins USDT and USDC as earlier. On the new coins launched on the app, Flint offers dynamic returns that range from 0.8% to 100% per annum. The interest, as it currently so happens, will be posted on your account every second and you can withdraw the amount any time you want.

    The returns change as per the market conditions and are updated on the app every hour, to give our investors the best possible returns, always.

    How does Flint generate returns?

    To generate returns, Flint continues to lend your coins to margin traders in exchange for interest payments. We have explained our yield generation process, risks involved and broader thought process in this article - How Flint generates returns?

    What’s next and the road ahead for Flint

    As the larger crypto market consolidates, the team at Flint continues to keep building for the ecosystem. The new coins launched were a part of our roadmap, guided by community feedback and the market conditions. Flint will continue doing that. We are extremely bullish about the standing of the crypto market and its ever-growing real-world use cases over the next 2-5 years.

    Flint is the home to crypto-natives. We believe in the role crypto and blockchain have to play in changing the world over the next decade. This means that we will keep listening to what the market has to say and build the best, most secure offerings for our community.

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