Safe Crypto Investment/Trading Strategies - How to Manage Risk

Updated on 15 December, 2022 9:55 AM
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    If you want to stay persistent and earn from crypto then you should follow some specific strategies to avoid any risk or security issues in your investment journey. Always research well and choose the best crypto for you and wait for a long time to gain interest in your staked cryptos. In this article, we will guide you on how you can have a safe and risk-free crypto investment journey.

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    Don’t invest in FOMO

    There are many crypto exchanges available and new tokens are coming every other day. Don’t choose any crypto by other influence in FOMO (fear of missing out). Always take crypto that you understand and believe can give you profits. Crypto is volatile and sometimes rises very fast and loses its value so often. Try to do proper market research and learn about cryptos that performed well over the years.

    Long-term investment

    Hold your cryptos in the wallets or exchanges for the long term. Don’t get manipulated by uncertain crypto fall or rise. Always, make proper goals for how long you wanna keep the crypto and what amount of profits you want to gain. You can set goals and take out some profits from time to time for security and being in profits but never take out all the profits or investments in uncertain situations.

    Don’t use Excessive Leverage

     You should not fall prey to the excessive leverage trap. Traders use margin to increase the order size but if you use excessive leverage for your trades then you can lose your entire principal amount during forced liquidation without even understanding the situation. Some exchanges offer leverage up to 100 times but a 1% move against your trade can destroy your account. You can use the leverage of 3 times or around that ratio to increase your gains. It gives you enough of a buffer zone to exit a bad trade.

    Plan your trades

    If you are doing trades, always set Stop-loss for minimizing your loss if it happens and takes out some of your profits if you want better structuring of your crypto earnings. Before investing in any cryptocurrency ensure you research it and invest as per your capacity. Understand your reward/risk ratio to invest only that much which you are ready to risk. Your entries and exits are an essential part of your trades. Always define your entry-exit strategies. It will help you stay consistent and earn higher profits for your trades.

    Diversify your crypto investments

    Don’t put all your investments in one crypto. Investing in many crypto coins helps you to minimize the risk factors and a diversified portfolio can give you higher APY for your investments. Set your goals and research well and take a few cryptos that you believe can profit you in the long term but to diversify don't select any random crypto. Unless it may impact the overall growth of your portfolio or can put you in a nonprofit position. Always, research and identify your risk capacity then diversify your investments.

    These are the most common and effective strategies for you to invest in crypto safely. But, there are other strategies also available that can benefit you. You should research more in-depth but ensure you set your strategies according to your respective goals without getting influenced by anyone or any market situations.

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