Can Skiff Compete with the likes of Protonmail and Google Workspace?

Updated on 28 September, 2022 9:24 AM
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    When it comes to productivity tools, there are few companies that can compete with Google. The search giant offers apps known as Google Workspace, which include everything from email and calendars to storage and collaboration tools.

    But there's one company that's giving Google a run for its money: Skiff.com.

    Skiff.com is a relative newcomer to the productivity space, but it's quickly making a name for itself with its sleek, intuitive interface and unique features.

    In this article, we'll take a closer look at how Skiff.com is competing with Protonmail, Google Workspace, etc and its offering.

    How Skiff.com is Competing With Google Workspace

    In the business world, Google Workspace is a giant and it is dominating others. But that doesn't mean a rival cannot enter the race. Skiff.com is one such challenger, and it's doing some things differently that it hopes will make it the go-to productivity suite for businesses.

    For starters, Skiff workspace offers a lower price point than Google Workspace. It also has a more robust set of features, including support for more file types, better integration with third-party apps, and more.

    Skiff workspace is also positioning itself as the more privacy-conscious option, with features like end-to-end encryption and the ability to self-host data.

    Key Features of Skiff workspace

    Some of the key features of the Protonmail challenger Skiff, are:

    Access levels

    Skiff workspaces are set up in coordination with teams. Any task can be assigned to a team, including engineering, sales, the introduction of a new product, etc.

    You can choose to make a team visible to all users inside a workspace or to just invite certain users, which restricts access to all of the team's sites to those individuals. Use invite-only teams if you want to keep information accessible to those who need it.

    Admin controls

    Skiff Workspaces administrators have great control over team members and permissions. They can assign roles like editors, viewers, and extra administrators, as well as manage each user's access levels.

    Private Workspace

    Your team's data is valuable. Unlike other collaboration platforms, Skiff truly belongs to you. No one, not even Skiff, will ever have access to the data in your workspace unless you share it with them, thanks to end-to-end encryption, granular admin controls, and optional decentralized file storage.

    Who can use Skiff Workspace?

    Anyone who collaborates online and is worried about the security of their data should use Skiff Workspaces. Skiff is used by business owners, crypto protocol teams, media outlets, non-profits, investment firms, and other organizations to preserve data independence and boost the efficiency and security of their distant teams.

    Skiff's Key Product Offerings

    Although, Skiff is still relatively young compared to well established alternatives like Google Workspace or Protonmail, it's product development has nonetheless been spectacular. Here are some of the key products that Skiff has to offer

    Skiff Mail

    Skiff Mail is an end-to-end encrypted email that provides you with the freedom to interact freely while safeguarding your inbox. Every Skiff Mail user has access to a lightning-quick, safe search that allows them to browse all of their emails. End-to-end encryption is maintained because all actions are taken client-side (on your device).

    You can quickly migrate from Gmail, ProtonMail, or Outlook and easily sync across all of your devices.

    Skiff Pages

    Share privacy with your group. You can collaborate on writing and editing in real-time with Skiff Pages. Connect with your collaborators from anywhere in the world in a secure and assured manner.

    With web3, Skiff Pages brings the future of the internet to you. Thanks to Skiff Pages. You can use Metamask to log in or use the InterPlanetary File System to save your data (IPFS). 

    Skiff Drive

    You can work and communicate more freely, effectively, and creatively with Skiff Drive, which offers end-to-end encryption and privacy-first storage. 

    All file kinds are supported for uploading, sharing, previewing, and downloading across all of your devices. A public link or an email address can be used to distribute any file to people inside or outside of your organization. 


    We think Skiff workspace has a real shot at becoming the productivity suite of choice for businesses, especially the ones that have a more positive outlook towards web3. It's got a great mix of features, a lower price, and a commitment to privacy that could appeal to a lot of businesses.

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