Top 5 Projects on the Tron Blockchain

Updated on 30 July, 2022 11:58 AM
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    Tron is an open-source blockchain network with the functionality of smart contract technology. The network was founded in 2017 and has seen adoption since then. The platform uses the “Proof of Stake” consensus mechanism to validate the transaction on the network. The native token on the platform used is called TRX. In its working, the platform is very similar to the Ethereum network as it allows building applications & projects, opening the decentralized finance world, NFTs, etc. Due to these features, a lot of developers are building projects on the network. 

    Here are the top 5 projects being built on the Tron Network in 2022



    Devikins is the Tron-based NFT gaming protocol. The NFTs are the playable characters in the game. Players can collect, breed, grow, and battle with their Devikins NFTs. Devicoin (DVK) is the utility platform native token used as the main currency of Devikins. Devicoins are a cryptocurrency that may be exchanged with other cryptocurrencies in the real world and eventually be exchanged using fiat currency. Each Devikins character differs in terms of genes, personality, ancestry, rarity, affinities, etc.


    SunSwap is Tron based decentralized exchange that facilitates exchange between TRC 20 tokens. In this project, all trading fees collected directly goes to the liquidity providers of the protocol, rather than the protocol itself. Both conversions between the two TRC20 tokens and between TRX and TRC20 tokens are supported. Conversion can easily take place between any two TRC20 tokens based on the system price.

    Bitkeep Swap

    Bitkeep Swap is one of the leading decentralized projects built over the Tron blockchain. It is a multi-chain asset management platform that offers swap services with 27 built-in swap protocols. The platform is accessible in 168+ countries, with total lock-in assets worth over a Billion USD. Apart from allowing various assets to be traded on the platform, it also has access to 10,000+ Dapps on the platform.

    Transit Swap

    Transit Swap is a multi-chain DEX aggregator platform built on the Tron blockchain.  It allows for Assets to be transferred easily between multiple blockchains by aggregating multiple cross-chain routes so that cross-chains should not pose any hindrance. It offers the best transaction prices after comparing other prices.


    WINk is an e-gaming platform being built over the Tron blockchain. It claims to be the first trustless, permissionless, and high-performance gaming platform being built over the network. The tokens supported on the platform are TRX and USDT. As a user moves up the level, new and interesting features on the platform get unlocked automatically. Eg. Unlocking chat at Level 10, Daily tasks unlocked at Level 15, etc.

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