Top 7 Play to Earn Games in August 2022

Updated on 17 September, 2022 1:25 PM
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    For numerous reasons, play-to-earn cryptocurrency games have been very popular in recent years. People enjoy playing online games, and the possibility of earning money while doing so appeals to the majority of people. Read more about what is play-to-earn and why is everyone talking about them

    The top most playable games are more fun to play and moreover are high paying to players who can later trade the in-game tokens that they acquire or buy, for crypto or NFTs in the real world. The best games are made to be more realistic and addictive for players to get hooked on them. Lets look at the top play-to-earn games.


    Battle Infinity

    Battle Infinity is a multiple play-to-earn battle game built on the Binance Smart Chain. It is known as The Multiverse of Metaverse and In-game battles can be enjoyed by players. Additionally, gamers are allowed to engage with one another and explore the IBAT virtual war arena as well as experience the metaverse exclusively. Fantasy sports video games are the focus of the gameplay.

    Gods Unchained

    In the trading card game Gods Unchained, players engage in combat with one another while employing a deck of cards, core cards, and genesis cards. The cards you acquire for free by playing the game are known as core cards. Players can purchase card packs instead of grinding, though, if they like. The creators of this game were founders of the Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution known as Immutable X and thus the game runs on Ethereum.

    The GODS token, an ERC-20 token, is the only cryptocurrency token of the video game Gods Unchained. GODS tokens can be used to create NFTs, buy packs from the Gods Unchained Marketplace, and gain access to additional benefits by keeping the tokens in Immutable X.

    Plant V/s Undead

    Plant vs. Undead is a very adaptable game, and its farm mode keeps you interested with the chance to accumulate light energy, which results in PVU tokens. These tokens can be treated as NFTs in the real world and provide a means of making money for the players.


    Gala Games: Town Stars

    Gala Games is a gaming platform that uses blockchain technology and has several different types of cryptocurrency games. The GALA coin is offered as payment and a utility token for in-game exchanges between players within the ecosystems.

    Not only can tokens be traded in a Gala Games NFT marketplace, but in-game products can also be bought and sold by several cryptocurrencies at a defined price, based on their availability.


    The Sandbox

    One of the most popular games among 3D virtual reality crypto games, Players of The Sandbox will have the freedom to decide how to monetize their work while enjoying a typical Minecraft experience with block-based goods and scenery – taking them back to good old days.

    To exchange virtual lands and conduct other business in the marketplace, players can spend the utility token "SAND." The trick of Sandbox is that there are only 166,464 lands available, which raises demand and makes it extremely expensive to acquire them.

    Axie Infinity

    This non-fungible token (NFT) game, developed by the Vietnamese business Sky Mavis, is now the most well-liked one. It is one of the games with the biggest revenue across all blockchains.

    In the game Axie Infinity, you collect and create a squad of beings known as Axies that you may employ to battle other players in the Arena mode or take on foes in the Adventure mode. These act as your tokens which can be later traded for NFTs.



    A game of legendary horse racing set in the future is called Pegaxy. Players can take part in the races and win prizes during the gaming. VIS is the Polygon chain's native token for the Pegaxy platform. By participating in the race and placing in the top 3, players can acquire VIS tokens. Players progress by collecting these tokens and winning more races in the game.


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