What is Aavegotchi?

Updated on 20 August, 2022 3:27 PM
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    Good News for the gamers out there! We are here with updates on another gaming base layer on the crypto network. This one is hosted on Polygon. But guess what, there is a piece of better news for the crypto gamers. Too good a day, right? While you are playing, has anyone stopped you from doing so just because it is a waste of time? People would instead ask you to do a job and earn a living. But what if you could make a living by gaming? Ok, making a living might sound too unrealistic, but after reading this blog, you are sure to discover Aavegotchi and earn some rewards. You could share some with us by sharing this blog with your friends and get them on earning too. 

    What is Aavegotchi?

    Aavegotchi is a gaming platform where you can socialize, play, create and earn. Wait, you must have predicted socializing, gaming, and earning. Then what about creating? Developers can use Aavegotchi NFT assets for developing mini games. This process is preceded by a voting system on AavegotchiDAO, where the community members vote before the introduction of any new game on the platform. Developers can create in-game DApps through open-source SDKs. These apps are available for developers in the form of NPCs on their parcels. NPCs can be considered as utility tokens.

    For laymen, SDKs are softwares that are used to develop blockchains, decentralized applications, advanced blockchain features, etc.

    Not only mini-games, but the Aavegotchi platform provides ample of opportunities to storytellers and creative writers to add on to the Gotchiverse Lite paper, with their creativity.

    How to earn with Aavegotchi?

    Aavegotchi provides its users with two methods to earn while playing:

    Through the collection of Gotchus Alchemica

    Gotchus Alchemica are raw building materials available on the platform. These are essentially ERC-20 tokens via which you trade materials on the platform. These building materials are utilized in turning bare land plots into plots with high functionality farming operations. Gamers can collect Alchemica by any of the following methods:

    • Exploring the surface
    • Crafting Farming Installations
    • Through channeling ceremonies with guilds

    Through other DApps hosted on the platform

    Given below are certain methods by which users can earn on Aavegotchi, without collecting Gotchus Alchemica:

    • GBM bid-to-earn auctions
    • Rarity Farming
    • Trading of NFTs in the Aavegotchi Baazaar NFT Marketplace
    • Through several DApps (that are still under development) which will allow players to earn rewards in-App.
    • Other methods (we are leaving this as a secret so that you could discover some unique methods available on the platform by yourself and have a great experience in the process).

    But what is the fun in gaming if we don’t have some competition, right? To ensure this and so to cater to a larger gaming community on the crypto space, Aavegotchi also provides earning abilities for free-to-play characters. These characters are known as Liquidators who are also eligible to collect Alchemica. Aavegotchis are paid characters on the platform. As compared to the Aavegotchis, the Liquidators will have limited life spans which they can optimise to their full potential to earn some rewards.

    Socializing with Aavegotchi

    The fast-paced and competitive world combined with the after-effects of the pandemic has definitely forced many to shift to the virtual mode. This leaves us with no option but to connect via online platforms, and this is even better when you can play with your friends and earn rewards at the same time. Aavegotchi has been fostering its gaming community since its development, which is clearly visible through its discord channel.

    Several gaming guilds and DAOs are interested in the platform. Aavegotchi also allows its own users to create guilds, some of which are known as “Wearable Guilds.” Through this, users participate in channeling ceremonies where they are rewarded with Alchemica tokens. So, if you have some free time, utilize it well by either reading our blogs or inviting your friends to play on Aavegotchi!

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