What is Axie Infinity and how can you get started with it?

Updated on 27 July, 2022 7:07 AM
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    What is Axie Infinity?

    Axie Infinity is an NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) game that runs on the Blockchain platform and has a gameplay similar to the famous Pokémon game. With Axie Infinity, anyone can earn money (Token) by playing games and contributing to the ecosystem.

    The player's task is to be able to fight, earn, nurture and build a kingdom on land for his pet (called Axies). All of Axie Infinity's art assets and data are accessible to third parties to enable community developers to build tools as their own experiences in the Axie Infinity universe.

    In addition, Axies are encrypted into NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) and recorded on the Ethereum Blockchain, so ownership of Axies is guaranteed.

    What is an NFT?

    NFT stands for Non Fungible Token, meaning a unique and non-fungible Token. This is a form of Token encoded on the Blockchain that represents a single asset and NFTs are not interchangeable.

    The NFT can be a digital asset or it can be a digitized version of a real-world asset. They are seen as proof of authenticity and ownership in the digital realm because they are not interchangeable.

    NFT can be used to buy and sell digital art in the form of GIFs, tweets, virtual trading cards, images, etc. physical objects, the look and feel of video games, virtual real estate, etc. … In the early days, NFT was associated with CryptoKitties – the cat breeding project that made waves in the market at the end of 2017. After more than 3 years of growth, the NFT ecosystem has gradually completed with many diverse pieces.

    What does Scholarship Axie Infinity mean?

    The Scholarship system is the scholarship in Axie Infinity. This means that this scholarship will lend you a quality pool for free to search for Smooth Love Potions (SLP) – the currency in Axie Infinity without having to spend money to buy Axie. Accordingly, you only need to share a part of your income with the manager of that group. This is considered a suitable way to play Axie Infinity for new players.

    axie infinity scholarships

    However, Axie Scholarship is not an official feature, it is only implemented outside the Client or the in-game console. In addition, veteran players who own many Axies will not be able to use them to earn SLP and can play Axie Infinity with many banned accounts.

    What is breed count in Axie Infinity?

    Like real-life animals, Axies pets can be bred to spawn from Offspring wars. Only Breed offspring can or can be sold on Axie's Marketplace.

    Accordingly, in order to manage the population of Axie, breeding (breeding) will have certain requirements on resources. Each Axie can be bred up to 7 times and each breed costs 1 AXS or Smooth Love Potions.

    Note, Breed has a gas fee and they can be subject to change based on usage of the Ethereum network.

    Who created the game Axie Infinity?

    According to the information shared on the developer's Whitepaper, Axie Infinity is being developed by Sky Mavis. This is a technology-focused Game Studio and was founded in early 2018 by CEO Nguyen Thanh Trung (born in 1992) and 4 other co-founders.

    Currently, Sky Mavis - the parent company of the game Axie Infinity has about 40 employees, 80% of which are Vietnamese. Talking about CEO Nguyen Thanh Trung, he is the founder and chief technology officer of Lozi (the predecessor of the delivery application Loship).

    In an interview, Nguyen Thanh Trung shared: “In 2022, we will try to launch Axie Infinity Origin. This is a new improved version of the game's new battle system. Players can start playing for free, experience and enjoy the game first and then decide to dive into other financial factors. At the same time, products in the Axie ecosystem such as e-wallets and exchanges will be optimally developed to provide the best experience.”

    How can you Play-to-earn on Axie Infinity?

    The Axies will be encrypted into NFT and then recorded on the Ethereum Blockchain to ensure ownership of the Axies. In addition, Axie Infinity is designed according to the “Play To Earn” model – Play to earn money; which means players can earn AXS Tokens through skilled play and ecosystem contribution.

    • Battle (Battle System): Axies fight each other to level up and evolve.
    • Breeding: As mentioned above, players can breed Axies to create new Axies.
    • Land: Contains houses, land, and bases for all Axies to upgrade over time using a variety of resources and crafting materials.
    • Marketplace: A decentralized marketplace where Axie transactions take place with global players.

    The player has beasts called Axies classified by Class with 4 stats as follows:

    • HP: Health
    • Morale: Increases hit chance to deal higher damage (crit)
    • Skill: Skill will gain bonus damage when Axie plays multiple cards at once and is counted as (card attack * skill)/500.
    • Speed: To determine the Turn Order order the Axie with the higher speed will be attacked first; Axies with the same speed are determined in the following order: High Speed ​​→ Low HP → High Skill → High Morale → Low Fighter ID.

    How to play Axie Infinity?

    Step 1: Visit the homepage of Axie Infinity https://axieinfinity.com/, select PLAY NOW to download the game.

    axie infinity home page

    Step 2: Now you need to create Metamask and Ronin Wallet to be able to log in.

    Step 3: Select “Login with Ronin Wallet” to install Ronin wallet → select Chrome or Firefox → Add to Chrome or Add on → Add Extension.

    play axie infinity using ronin wallet

    Step 4: Two customizations for those who used to have a Ronin Wallet address and those who don't. If not, select “I’m new. Let's get set up!". 

    Step 5: Enter the password for Ronin Wallet account to create a new wallet, then click “Create Wallet”.

    Step 6: When Ronin Wallet appears, click “Reveal Seed Phrase”, record these phrases in the correct order for later login. (Seed Phrase is used to login and restore Ronin Wallet, if you lose the Seed Phrase, it means that all assets in the wallet are lost).

    Step 7: Re-enter the phrases in the specified order.

    Step 8: After success, a message will appear, the Ronin Wallet interface on the add-on will display as shown below.

    Step 9: Return to the Axie Infinity login page, click on “Login with Ronin Wallet” and then login with Ronin Wallet.

    Step 10: Select “Login with MetaMask”, the system will switch to the new interface and name it as you like.

    Step 11: Click on Show QR code.

    Step 12: Go to Axie Infinity game on your phone and then click “SCAN QR CODE” and scan the QR code displayed on the computer screen you created.

    You are now all set up to play Axie Inifnity.

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