What is Bitkeep and how to get started?

Updated on 30 July, 2022 12:57 PM
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    One of the most well-known decentralised exchanges run over the Tron blockchain is Bitkeep Swap. It is a platform for managing several chains of assets and provides swap services with 27 built-in swap protocols. With total lock-in assets worth over $1 billion USD, the platform is accessible in more than 168 countries. There are more than 10,000 dApps available on the site in addition to allowing trading of a variety of assets.

    What is Bitkeep?

    BitKeep lets users store their coins in an untraceable, anonymous fashion. Additionally, it means that you will be able to hold a variety of assets from other blockchains in the same wallet.

    You can utilise BitKeep Swap to exchange USDT for TRX or any other Tron token of your choice, such as Sun, BTT, etc.

    Bitkeep Swap has had zero security breaches since its operations began four years ago

    How to get started with Bitkeep Swap?

    Step 1: Go to your primary wallet interface first. Right under the gas prices in the centre of the screen, you will see a "Swap" button. Alternatively, you could also navigate to the exact cryptocurrency you're planning to trade and then click the "Swap" option.

    bitkeep swap home page

    Step 2: This is your switching interface, and this is where you'll carry out the trade. You must choose the token you want to receive in exchange or you can just type the token's name into the search area.

    swap ethereum with usdt on bitkeep

    Step 3: You must now verify that all of the information regarding your transaction is accurate, including the sum you intend to spend, the items you will receive, and so forth.

    Step 4: Submit your transaction once you're certain that everything is proper. A few more pop-ups will appear after you have done this, asking you if everything is as it should be. Finally, you'll need to enter your wallet password in order to complete your swap.

    Step 5: If the transaction through the BitKeep exchange is successful, you will observe the amount of ETH that you have spent being removed from your wallet after a few minutes.

    Step 6: On the home screen of your wallet, click the tiny "+" button next to the currency search box.

    Step 7: You must enter the name of the token you purchased here. Click the token when you locate it to add it to your wallet.

    select token on bitkeep

    Step 8: Return to the wallet's main screen, and you'll find that the overall balance of your wallet has been adjusted.

    Who are Bitkeep's competitors?

    To help all cryptocurrency users make the cross-chain journey, BitKeep has launched InstantGas. Instead of purchasing native tokens like TRX, BNB, or Matic in advance, simply tap the desired token and select Swap to discover how easily it may be done. You shouldn't be concerned even if your wallet just has a small amount of USDT. When you make a transaction using InstantGas, a certain amount of USDT (or another token you own) will be subtracted as the gas charge.

    If you only have USDT on Tron and want to get some TRX using another wallet like SunSwap or Transit Swap, you will be unable to do so. To be able to pay the gas fee when making a transaction, you must purchase some TRX, the native token of Tron, in advance.


    As you can probably already see, the BitKeep exchange platform's cryptocurrency swapping procedure is extremely simple. The only significant issue you might run into is the requirement to manually add your tokens to your wallet, which you can do either before or after trading them. So there was the complete guide to this procedure, we hope you liked it.

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