What is DeFi Minswap?

Updated on 25 November, 2022 10:41 AM
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    Minswap is a decentralized exchange on the Cardano blockchain that lets you swap tokens with minimal cost, and faster with convenience. It is a multi-pool DeFi exchange platform. MIN token holders can vote democratically on protocol changes. Users can trade Ethereum tokens with ERC-20 converters, at a lower fee. Minswap maintains the SPOs by an ADA delegation policy and fair ISO.

     Minswap is bringing an innovative multi-model asset pool decentralized exchange to the Cardano blockchain to be the best liquidity provider on the market. It is a combination of stable pools, multi-asset pools, and concentrated liquidity. It will benefit both traders and liquidity providers with specific rewards. Its governance token is denoted as “MIN”.

     Minswap offers a different approach with multi-function liquidity pools and multi-pool routing. It will function as an on-chain price oracle. Minswap focuses on developing multiple kinds of AMM liquidity pools and allows a user's trade to route through the most efficient pool. Users can trade trending tokens such as MIN, AADA, PAVIA, WMT, DANA, SOCIETY NMKR, MELD, LQ, and AGIX on this platform.



    • If liquidity providers deposit both assets of a pair then they can get rewards as swap fees.
    • The platforms provide liquidity with one token of the pair for its users.
    • Liquidity providers get MIN tokens as rewards for staking Liquidity Pool Tokens. 
    • It is an efficient and user-friendly decentralized exchange on Cardano Blockchain.  
    • The platform provides a trading view chart in real-time for better understanding.
    • Users get the chance to reverse the price on limit orders on this platform
    • It provides an efficient and mobile-native Wallet with an improved UI that lets users keep track of their data easily.


    How to get Minswap?

    As of now, acquiring Min is not a very streamlined process. Binance, one of the biggest exchanges does not have Minswap listed on its platform though you can get it using a swapping mechanism.

    • Choose a decentralized exchange (DEX): You can have a decentralized network like Binance that provides efficient transactions and great liquidity of cryptos. You can choose this platform for buying Minsawp. You can’t do it directly but through the swapping mechanism, you can get the MInswap.
    • Download a Nami Wallet: Firstly, you require a wallet to connect with the Binance exchange platform. For storing MinSwap you are abided to pick the Nami wallet that can be easily connected to the web3 network.
    • Set up your Nami: Enter your crypto credentials and set up your Nami wallet
    • Buy Cardano as Your Base Currency: Buy Cardano from the Binance exchange as a base cryptocurrency that you can swap with Minswap.
    • Send Cardano From Binance to Your Crypto Wallet: After buying the Cardano crypto coins send these coins to your wallet.
    • Trade Your Cardano With the Coin You Want to Get: Trade your Cardano coins with the Mnswap coins and if the Minswap doesn’t paper, find its Smart Contract and apply the Swap and you will get Minswap.

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