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Updated on 30 July, 2022 12:21 PM
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    You can buy and sell NFTs on the public online marketplace known as Digital Eyes. In transactions, the cryptocurrency Solana is used. On this website, digital artwork can be uploaded and the Solana price has been established by artists from all over the world.

    One might purchase art by paying the artist the specified sum and obtaining the artwork. The buyer will be the confirmed owner of the NFT digital asset. Nobody else will be allowed to claim it as their own.

    What is DigitalEyes?

    The first of its kind to be started, Digital Eyes is a prominent open NFT market on the Solana blockchain. It offers a large number of customers a stable platform to create, acquire, and trade NFTs, that too on the Solana blockchain. The platform offers a huge selection of cutting-edge and fresh NFT collections.

    One of its best features is the platform's mint calendar, which displays impending NFT launches. This gives customers the chance to purchase products at the beginning of increasingly competitive launches, when being among the first adopters can result in significant resale gains and exclusive chances to purchase the rarest NFTs.

    How big is DigitalEyes?

    In terms of trade volume, the Digital Eyes market is ranked third in the Solana marketplaces. Digital Eyes commands a still very respectable 100M in volume since its beginning as a marketplace. Collections can also be given the "Verified" label on the platform, which indicates that the NFTs included in the collection have been verified against the official mint hash list supplied by the NFT project's team. 

    How does DigitalEyes make money?

    For a small listing charge of 0.001 SOL, a person with a digital asset can list it on Digital Eyes NFT. There are two different types of fees that buyers who want to buy NFT from this online marketplace must pay. The initial creator must pay a license fee, and the platform must also pay a service cost of an additional 2.5 percent. There are no refunds for listing costs. When the property is confirmed, purchasers can purchase it from the collection page. The user will need to share the URL in order to find a buyer if an unverified NFT is listed.

    The security of Digital Eyes NFT is taken care of with the aid of Zokyo. It is made sure that all the transactions on Digital Eyes are extremely secure. The buyer's money is securely transferred to the seller's wallet after the sale. Only Sola's cryptocurrency is included in the price. The wallets that are supported include Solong, Soulflare, Phantom, and Solet.

    What are some of the pros and cons of using DigitalEyes?

    Pros of using DigitalEyes

    • Extensive and wide-ranging catalog of collections
    • Numerous wallets are supported
    • Simple to use platform

    Cons of using DigitalEyes

    • An unimpressive Service charge of 2.5 percent
    • Additional fees in form of royalties


    Since the advent of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, NFT-based digital assets have become increasingly popular since the associated procedure is quick and secure. This property is more precious and unique due to its irreplaceable quality. This was an overview of the famous marketplace Digital Eyes. 

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