What is Hex Blockchain Certificate and How Does it Work?

Updated on 10 September, 2022 1:34 PM
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    The Hex token, which is built on Ethereum, claims to be the first blockchain certificate of deposit (CD). Hex holders can stake batches of HEX tokens for predetermined periods of time, just as traditional CDs give an improved interest rate to consumers who agree to leave a lump-sum deposit unopened for a predetermined period of time. They cannot access those tokens during this time without incurring severe penalties, but after the allotted time period has passed, Hex holders will be eligible to earn HEX prizes.

    In the conventional financial industry, certificates of deposit (CDs) are one sort of deposit. Commercial banks provide certificates of deposit (CDs), which typically pay a bit more interest than a savings account available through a conventional checking or savings account However, depositors should refrain from withdrawing their funds in order to receive this greater interest rate.

    Richard Heart, the company's founder, introduced Hex in 2019. Despite having a market capitalization of nearly $30 billion as of February 1, 2022, it has drawn accusations for being a fraud or probable Ponzi scheme.

    How Does HEX Blockchain Certificate Work?

    Instead of rewarding miners or validators who run the network, Hex's concept rewards token holders. By promising not to exchange or sell their tokens for a predetermined period of time, users stake their HEX. Holders of HEX then receive those money along with an interest payment or HEX reward when the time period is through. Hex users can presently choose a stake duration between 1 and 5,555 days (more than 15 years), with longer stakes yielding greater prizes.

    The staking mechanism is set up so that adding a new stake results in the burning of HEX tokens and grants the user so-called "T-Shares" in return. Longer bets are rewarded with more T-Shares, and each share earns interest in HEX daily. Hex uses a "proof of wait" approach to function. In the Hex ecosystem, the proof-of-wait process is used by all HEX holders, who are then rewarded with extra HEX. The value of Hex is intended to rise annually by a maximum of 3.69%.

    How to get started with Hex?

    Step 1: Buy Ethereum. Create an account on CoinBase or Gemini to purchase Ethereum (ETH). Money transfer from your bank to your centralised exchange wallet can happen instantly or take days. 

    Step 2: Download MetaMask for Apple, Google, or Chrome desktop or mobile. To your MetaMask ETH address that begins with "0x," send the ETH from Step 1 there. 

    Step 3: To exchange ETH for HEX, use the MetaMask Swap button. Leave some ETH for gas fees.

    Step 4: Use the website go.hex.com/stake to stake/time-lock and access the page using a MetaMask signature to connect to the site.


    Since the project's launch in 2019, the HEX coin news has been rife with concerns about the project's security and whether it is a hoax. On the other side, CoinFabrik conducted a security audit of the HEX smart contract in December 2019. No issues of critical severity were found, according to their study.

    Wallet Investor's algorithm-based forecast for 2025 makes a favourable prediction for the price of HEX coins. By the start of 2027, the coin price could reach $1.76, according to studies on the HEX price trend.

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