Everything You Should Know About Mint Club, a no-code Smart Token Builder on BSC

Updated on 30 August, 2022 5:12 PM
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    With just a few easy clicks and no coding required, Mint Club enables anyone to create a token backed by a smart contract. The descriptions, maximum minting supply, and name of the token are all set by you. The procedure will automatically complete the more challenging components.

    Tokens can be bought or liquidated (sold) at any time, straight through the smart contract, thanks to the algorithmic price curve. Every smart token has a collateral contract that backs its value with MINT tokens. One of the most user-friendly interfaces in the decentralised ecosystem is offered by Mint Club. Each smart token has a swap page with a shareable link (such as mint.club/TokenSymbol) and great token explanations. They were also constructed using Binance Smart Chain, which has x35 lower gas fees. 

    MINT Club Token

    On the Binance Smart Chain, MINT is a non-inflationary BEP20-based token that is used as collateral for assets in the Mint Club. The MINT token, the network's primary currency, and the Smart Tokens produced by the Mint Club protocol have a fair launch foundation on the Mint Club platform.

    One of the DApps on the HUNT Platform is Mint Club, hence MINT token was only ever created by exchanging HUNT tokens during the pre-registration period. MINT token adheres to the concept of a fair launch, so there was NO token sale, no investors, and no free team allocation.

    Through the use of bonding curve-backed smart contracts, MINT token serves as the primary fuel for smart tokens on Mint.club. BEP20 tokens produced via the Mint Club protocol are known as smart tokens. Smart tokens, in contrast to other tokens, are inherently liquid thanks to the MINT collateral smart contract, enabling anybody to trade them without the need for trading pairs or liquidity pools.

    How to Get Started with Mint Club?

    Step 1: The Connect Wallet button is located in the top right corner of the home page. Choose the BSC wallet you prefer.

    mint club smart token builder

    Step 2: After clicking the Create button, the screen for creating tokens will appear. Complete the required fields

    create token on mint club smart token builder

    Step 3: Choose whether or not you'll make advantage of the Instant Purchase feature. You can buy your token at the same time as publishing it if you enable this option. The token issuing transaction will include the token purchasing transaction for your tokens. In that case, you will simply issue your token rather than buying any. For those who want to acquire tokens at the lowest possible cost, the Instant Purchase tool is helpful

    mint club smart token builder

    Step 4: Verify that you have entered all the pertinent information about your token correctly and click on register.

    mint club smart token builder

    Step 5: The BSC blockchain has now registered your BEP20 token. You can upload your token image, create the description for your token, and designate some tags in this phase. 

    Competitors of Mint Club

    There are several competitors of the platform. Let us discuss two of them: CoinList and dLinks. 

    Through CoinList Pro, mobile apps, and CoinList.co, customers of CoinList may store and trade Bitcoin, Ether, and many other well-known crypto assets. They also get access to the greatest new tokens before they are listed on other exchanges. On the other hand, one can quickly create a decentralised profile on Web 3.0 within seconds with dLinks.

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