What is MOBOX: NFT Farmer?

Updated on 14 August, 2022 7:58 AM
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    A free-of-cost play-to-earn game with an emphasis on NFTs, is the idea behind MOBOX NFT Farmer. With more than 1.3 million in trading volume, it is presently among the top 10 blockchain games.

    First off, it utilises a special infrastructure that combines Gaming, DeFi, and NFTs. The MOBOX is paired with distinctive NFTs and has a thriving DeFi ecosystem of its own. The MOBOX team's games infrastructure will identify the best player yield techniques and provide a distinctive NFT that players will own and be able to utilize in all of the MOBOX team's games.

    How to Get Started With MOBOX?

    What are MOMOs?

    In order to unlock NFTs, also known as MOMOs, gamers must wager their MBOX tokens on the network. MOMOs are utilized as in-game heroes and are ranked based on rarity. Through the NFT marketplace, players can also purchase or rent MOMOs. All games in the ecosystem can be played with the MOBOX wallet. There is no longer a need for third-party solutions thanks to the MOBOX Wallet, which is integrated as a plug-in. An already-connected Binance Smart Chain wallet is an option for users.

    A total of 1.5 million NFTs have been issued on the platform, and there are currently over 3.4 million registered users.

    Play MOBOX Games

    To begin playing MOMOverse games like Token Master, Block Brawler, and ChainZArena, follow these three steps:

    Step 1: On your PC, Android, or iOS device, download MOBOX. Or use your browser to explore the MOMOverse.

    Step 2: Make a username and password for your MOBOX account.

    Step 3: On the website, you can create a MOBOX wallet or connect a bitcoin wallet. The Binance Chain Extension Wallet, Trust Wallet, and Metamask are popular Binance Smart Chain wallets.

    Choose the game you want to play after registering, then begin climbing the leaderboard. MBOX tokens can be used to buy in-game stuff, increasing your chances of rising up quickly.

    Play-To-Earn With MOBOX

    These are the four games to play to receive tokens:

    1. Token Master
    2. Block Brawler
    3. ChainZArena
    4. NFT Farmer

    What is Token Master?

    For a chance to win gold coins, players compete with their MOMOs. Players that have accumulated enough gold can move up the leaderboards and receive MBOX tokens at the end of the season.

    What is Block Brawler?

    A role-playing game (RPG) called Block Brawler focuses on tactical battles. By smelting and exchanging their battle gear, players can acquire MBOX.

    What is ChainZArena?

    Players who participate in combat are rewarded with a variety of cryptocurrencies, such as Tronix and Ether.

    What is NFT Farmer?

    In exchange for prizes offered by NFT Farmer, players holding MBOX and Binance Coin (BNB) can provide liquidity to the platform. 

    Competitors of MOBOX

    The major competitor of MOBOX is Sunflower Farmers. MOBOX NFT Farmer concentrates on farming NFTs, as opposed to Sunflower Farmers, where you must plant and harvest a variety of items in order to earn tokens (money). The main objective of the game is to add liquidity to the pools in exchange for a special NFT.


    With MOBOX NFT Farmer, there are many opportunities to make money, so it is absolutely worthwhile to give it a shot. Additionally, their open approach makes it possible to use the same NFTs across many platforms and games, creating the possibility for future development of additional play-to-earn games.

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