PlayMining Gamefi Review, Top NFT Gaming Platform

Updated on 27 August, 2022 1:48 PM
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    What is PlayMining?

    One of the major GameFi platforms available right now is PlayMining, a top NFT gaming platform. The purpose of the game platform's initial design was to protect the rights of content creators in Japan and around the world. PlayMining offers content creators a supportive atmosphere to produce entertaining media that is well-rounded in order to do this.

    PlayMining has experienced rapid growth since its 2018 inception while producing NFTs from works of original art. According to sources, between April 2020 and December 2021, PlayMining's creators and artists earned more than 1 billion yen. This strengthens the case for the gaming platform's objective of defending the rights of creators. PlayMining also makes certain that artists receive the proper compensation and perks for their creations.

    DEAPcoin (DEP): Token of PlayMining

    The DEAPcoin is the principal token of the PlayMining ecosystem (DEP). The ERC-20 token was established with the intention of serving as a reward incentive for gamers using the game platform. On the Verse platform, the token is also used to buy NFTs from the marketplace and Land.

    DEP has a maximum supply of 30 billion, according to reports. Playing games on the gaming platform is one way interested parties might earn DEP. Decentralised exchanges (DEX) and centralised exchanges (CEX) can both host DEP. 

    Facts You Should Know About PlayMining


    PlayMining offers a variety of fun games, the most popular of which is JobTribes. The game platform now offers four major titles, with ambitions to add more before the end of 2022. The games that are currently accessible include its flagship game, JobTribes, which has over 50,000 monthly active users (MAU), Coin Pusher, PlayMining Puzzle Game, Graffiti Racer, etc. 

    NFT Marketplace

    PlayMining furthermore has a specific NFT marketplace designed especially for in-game goods. Additionally, the market place offers writing and artwork from renowned creators, much of it heavily influenced by Japanese popular culture. It's interesting that the NFT transactions frequently use ERC-721 standard NFTs.

    PlayMining Vault

    Vault places a lot of emphasis on rewarding frequent players of the gaming platform. The vault also includes a special incentive system that rewards frequent users.

    Features of PlayMining

    1. The PlayMining ecosystem's native token at the moment is DEP (DEAPcoin). This indicates that the token also functions as a reward token and a tool for making purchases. More game tokens will, however, be introduced and distributed in the near future.
    2. The PlayMining Chain is a subsidiary chain of the well-known Ethereum (ETH) network. Additionally, PlayMining Chain has integrated with the Binance Smart Chain to make it easier for interoperability with other chains (BSC). Dep tokens can now be seamlessly converted to B-DEP (BEP 20) as well.
    3. The Playmining Verse will act as a hub for users and creators to connect. Consequently, during NFT transactions, there is no longer any need for a middleman or intermediary platform. 


    This was all about PlayMining. In conclusion, the game platform's primary objective is to develop and release the best gaming entertainment material available. Naoto "Goro" Yoshida, the creator of PlayMining said let's provide the world the best and most game-changing entertainment content they've ever seen. Additionally, it will support an atmosphere that allows creators and fans to communicate naturally through its future Verse.

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