What is Satori on the Near Protocol?

Updated on 21 September, 2022 2:19 PM
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    Ever thought about a platform where you can easily find and purchase NFTs from your favourite creators – then Satori is the perfect network for you. Satori makes it simple for creators and brands to tokenize thousands of NFTs and distribute them directly to fans, with no coding or cryptocurrency required. It cuts down a lot of hassle for creators by providing them with such an easy-to-use digital space and also keeps their fans and followers engaged and hyped about newly released NFTs.

    Satori is based on the NEAR Protocol, which is a carbon-neutral Proof-of-Stake blockchain. Creators can create their own royalty splits right in the NFT contract and earn money on all resales and this can be done anywhere.

    What makes Satori, Near Protocol unique?

    Satori has a simple minting API that can start generating large numbers of NFTs per minute with no blockchain coding knowledge required. It is also claimed that they have the most powerful minting API in the world. Their cost-effective and reliable minting on the NEAR protocol allows them to easily engage with entire communities.

    While using Satori, minting is quick and inexpensive, and there is no crypto coding required. Creator’s royalties can be modified natively in their NFTs. Additionally, Users can claim NFTs in just 3 clicks. So it creates a seamless experience for both creators and users while using the platform.

    Why Satori on the Near Protocol is the perfect platform for Creators

    Satori creates a better economic space for creators by eliminating rent-seeking agents, enabling efficient tiering of costs, and empowering users as owners. This results in client acquisition expenses being cut down to almost nothing.

    The Creator space on Satori is a one-stop destination for minting, delivering, and handling NFT collections from an easy-to-use app dashboard, all without writing a single line of code. It can be considered to be a self-service platform for amateur and pro creators alike.

    Creators have the most simple and direct claim experience in the NFT space. Creators can drop their NFTs anywhere on the digital space and on their own websites. They have the liberty to formulate new innovative ideas to engage with their fanbase.

    How does Satori work?

    Satori has the ability to generate 1000s of NFTs in a single drop. This helps them to start engaging more fans and is made possible by low-cost, super-fast minting. Moreover, to make things easier, Satori's end-to-end NFT toolkit controls minting and distribution through a familiar API, requiring no Web3 coding skills.


    Satori’s partnership with Shopify

    Satori has teamed up with Shopify to enable any Shopify merchant in the United States to mint and distribute NFT collections in their established Shopify stores. Creators can directly sell in US dollars and organise from their own dashboard. This creates the simplest way to get started with NFTs.

    What to expect from Satori in the future?

    In the near future, Satori is expected to create a new, ongoing income stream for creators. Moreover, creators will be able to increase their store's sales and traffic. Users will be able to deal entirely in USD and no cryptocurrency will be required.

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