What is Serious Dice by Playdice?

Updated on 8 September, 2022 3:43 PM
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    In the dice game Serious Dice, the side with the larger dot number wins. On either a huge or little dot number, you can wager. If you succeed, you make money. If not, you forfeit your wager. Serious Dice on ThunderCore is the second most active DApp overall by 30-day volume, after Uniswap on Ethereum.

    A classic dice game with a 0.75% house edge, serious dice offers the chance to invest from the bankroll. Serious Dice operates on the Thundercore Blockchain, making it completely trustworthy for investing, playing, mining tokens, and earning dividends. The system as a whole is governed by contracts. Nothing is produced by or computed by a central server. With Thundercore, users and players have access to a fully decentralised, trust-free environment thanks to lightning-fast transactions and a little cost.

    Ancient China, Rome, and Egypt all enjoyed playing dice games. It is also a well-known kind of entertainment for young people today. Serious Dice therefore has a large user base. It doesn't take long for people to comprehend and perceive the game. 

    How to Play Serious Dice?

    Serious Dice's rules are incredibly easy to understand; all players need to do is enter numbers to play. Users are no longer troubled by rules that are impossible to understand or complicated profit calculations. You have a good chance of making money, and that money will almost always be more than you put in. It only takes a few seconds to finish one game. Serious Dice is a game that is built on a smart contract created on ThunderCore and has tamper-proof rules. Since the game's logic rules are available in the open source code, players can put their trust in it and play without fear.

    Current market position of Serious Dice

    Currently, Serious Dice has 10,990, 32,840, and 110,890 daily, weekly, and monthly active users, respectively. Serious Dice is now far more active than the majority of DApps, according to this. It only trails Uniswap in MAUs with more than 100,000. These users carried out more than 3.63 million transactions in Serious Dice's smart contract in a single calendar month, resulting in a remarkable transaction volume of 303 million TTs (worth $1.51 million). To ensure long-term liquidity, Serious Dice has absorbed and placed almost 3.6 million TTs in its smart contract.

    Competitors of Serious Dice

    There are a lot of competitors for Serious Dice. On DuckDice, only dice games are allowed. This makes it the perfect casino for patrons who are not interested in playing blackjack, poker, or other traditional casino games. It can be a nice method to test your luck because a ticket only costs $0.1 and the jackpot typically exceeds six figures.

    The term "simplicity" is elevated to a whole new level by Primedice. As soon as they establish an account, players can start playing the game that greets them on the home page. Primedice is a fantasy for those who don't want any fluff on their gaming website.


    A frequent kind of entertainment is playing games. It is viewed as a fiercely competitive area and a key business component for public chains and blockchain producers. Here was all you needed to know about Serious Dice. We hope you enjoy playing the game.

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