What is SolSea?

Updated on 30 July, 2022 12:27 PM
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    SolSea is the first NFT marketplace that enables creators to select and incorporate licenses while they are minting NFT. Thus, both creators and collectors are aware of the products they sell and buy. It aspired to be a Solana equal to OpenSea, the then-exclusive NFT marketplace available only on Ethereum.

    Apart from providing NFT minting with embedded licenses, it supports many currencies at extremely low costs. SolSea provides ultra-cheap rates for transactions in SOL, USDC, and USDT. SolSea generates rarity rank, score, and trait statistics for each completely minted confirmed collection, providing buyers with additional, very pertinent information.

    Launch of SolSea

    When SolSea's NFT marketplace officially debuted at the end of August 2021, it did so with a number of ground-breaking features. Its features, for instance, included integrated NFT minting, wallet funding through FTX, NFTs with embedded licences, and a rarity index for NFT collections.

    The marketplace also had a well-liked calendar function from SolSea that let users keep track of forthcoming NFT releases. SolSea swiftly established itself as a home for Solana NFTs thanks to all these capabilities as well as the unique advantages of Solana NFTs over Ethereum.

    Where does SolSea stand amongst other NFT marketplaces?

    Despite the above-mentioned features, SolSea NFT market could not become the OpenSea of Solana NFTs, living up to its name. OpenSea began operations in December 2017, which was a long time before most people had ever heard of NFTs. In contrast, SolSea debuted at a time when NFT frenzy was already well underway. As a result, it would be reasonable to conclude that Solsea wasn't the only Solana NFT marketplace building its platform at the same time. Not to mention the release of Solanart a month earlier. In order to further the competition, more Solana NFT marketplaces debuted not long after Solsea. Digital Eyes and Magic Eden are the two primary ones.

    SolSea offers a platform that is active and has just over 80,000 traders. The ability of Solsea to retain and expand its user base and platform alongside the expanding Solana NFT ecosystem is still up in the air. But there's no denying that it is one of the best Solana's NFT marketplace.

    How to Get Started with SolSea?

    One will have to register on SolSea in order to use features like selling NFTs by using a wallet, email address, and password. Although it's quite easy to use, this platform requires an email address and a password. 

    More details on the platform and highlighted collections, including the most recent NFTs listed on the platform, are available on the main page. There are numerous filters available in explore NFTs that make it quite simple for users to locate particular NFTs. In addition to searching by name, you can also use filters to narrow your results by NFT type. We can locate filters and a fairly similar format in explore collections. The filtering, which enables you to select collections with more than 5, more than 50, or more than 100 NFTs, is the key distinction. You can browse the collections and obtain a lot of helpful information without going inside.

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