What is Splinterlands?

Updated on 22 August, 2022 3:53 PM
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    The thrilling digital card game Splinterlands uses cryptocurrency as its backbone. On the Hive blockchain, each card used in-game is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token). These cards, which have a genuine monetary value, can be collected, traded, purchased, and sold by players to generate income.

    By just participating in these games, participants in Splinterlands can acquire new cards. One of the first and most well-known NFT games of 2018 is this one. These cards can also be used by players to engage in strategic matches against other players that are simple to learn but difficult to master.

    Let’s have a look at a brief review of the game.

    How to play Splinterlands?

    Previously known as Steem Monsters, Splinterlands is one of the most popular crypto games right now. Players may buy, sell, and trade cards on the marketplace for USD (United States Dollars) or different cryptocurrencies.

    Games like Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone have a big influence on it. These are top-tier online card games with fervent followings. Splinterlands, though, might be the title that elevates the genre.

    Cards are given to players simply for participating in the game. This offers a genuine chance to earn money while playing this amazing card game and using Splinterlands tokens.With the cards they possess, players can construct their decks and plans. With digital assets and the potentially valuable Splinterlands tokens, this offers excellent flexibility.  Additionally, players have the option to rent cards, which is a useful feature for completing a strategy or earning money while not using specific cards.

    Splinterlands' ability to be played on mobile devices or on a browser is one of its finest features, in contrast to many other Crypto-based games. This implies that you can engage in these quick, fierce, and strategic battles anywhere.

    How to use the cards in Splinterlands? 

    There are summoners and monsters in the Splinterlands deck of cards. When engaging in combat, each player may choose one summoner, which benefits monsters. Players can then select a monster from that summoner's deck. These monsters each have a set of stats and skills. Each monster has a unique mana cost that changes based on its power. A monster has a number for its attack damage and can be melee or ranged.

    The majority of monster cards also have powers, which is when the tactical element comes into play. When using combos to make the best moves, remember that some powers counter other monsters. Additionally, the rarities of cards affect their worth, scarcity, and in-game power. Splinterlands is a fast-paced game, yet despite that, there is a great deal of complexity and strategy involved.


    Tokenomics of DEC - Marketplace  of Splinterlands 

    Dark Energy Crystals(DEC) are Splinterlands' primary prize. This coin can be purchased and traded for money using USD.   Although its value is quite little, it is amazing that you may acquire this currency just by playing.

    You begin earning DEC at a somewhat modest rate, and it is totally based on your rank. The more wins you earn, the higher your rank. This creates a fun competitive dynamic where each match is important. This increases the value of the greatest cards because it affects your income. The market enters the picture here.

    The market in Splinterlands is extremely busy, with 100,000 sales occurring daily. There are several filters available on the user interface, which makes it simple to discover any card you require. If done correctly, trading and buying cards can be highly rewarding. To get your bearings, it's generally wise to start out slowly.

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