We are leading

the crypto revolution


Started up

Our founders set out to build Flint from the ground up

Raised funds

We raised $5.1 million from VCs and investors that share our vision.

Opened a waitlist

Leading up to our launch, we opened a waitlist and got over 300,000 signups.

Gave early access

We rolled out our first product to those on the waitlist in India.

Gained traction

Flint became the fastest growing crypto app in India.

Gained recognition

We were put on the map as one of the Top 30 startups to watch for, by Inc42.


Launched globally

We opened our doors for crypto natives around the world.

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Evolution is inevitable. It is a fact of life. Every theory, every living organism, and literally everything around us, tangible and intangible, keeps evolving. Without the continuous improvements that evolution orchestrates, species and constructs become obsolete.
Money, the greatest social construct that we all buy into, is no stranger to evolution. Over the brief history of our existence, we have seen it evolve dramatically.







In this natural process of evolution, after every few stages, we see a revolutionary transformation, driven by a change at the fundamental level. An upgraded core is introduced, which solves all existing problems at once, and makes way for further growth.
In the case of money, Decentralised Finance is that fundamental change.Cryptocurrency; the evolved version of money.
Cryptocurrencies solve a ton of problems you would attribute to centralised finance. In fact, it goes beyond solving problems and unlocks an entire world of opportunities.
However, cryptocurrencies are complicated. They are yet to see mass adoption. Most investors (though it's changing rapidly) would rather still keep their investments limited to traditional offerings and gold, simply because crypto, as a concept, is either vaguely understood or worse, perceived as a risky bet.

And that's where we come in

At Flint, our purpose is to make crypto simple. We are catalysing the revolution, making crypto accessible for the masses, and that's where we'd like you to join us.
Come, shape the evolution of money with us.

How the culture is here
at Flint

How the culture is here at Flint

Join a team
of craftsmen

Some of us are developers, some product folks, some growth hackers, and some really good copywriters. Whatever it is that your trade is called, if you consider it a craft, one you can see adding value to Flint, then come on board.