Top 5 Crypto Cards in July 2022

Updated on 21 September, 2022 2:06 PM
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    In the times when the world is moving towards a decentralized world, and talks are going on to use cryptocurrencies in daily transactions, not everyone is clear about how they are to be used. Often people wish they could make a day-to-day transaction via digital currencies but regulations, merchants not accepting the payments due to technical mismatch, and volatility are some of the obstacles that hinder the process.

    What are crypto cards?

    To solve this problem to an extent, crypto cards were developed which are now being offered by almost all the leading crypto platforms. A crypto card can be a credit card as well as a debit card. A user owns some cryptocurrency that is stored on an exchange. The exchange, if offering a card (or any other card offering platform) may allow the transfer of these digital currencies to the card. The cards provided by the platforms are in partnership with the likes of Visa and Mastercard which makes them eligible for acceptance in almost all countries. 

    Once a user has transferred/linked their digital currencies with the card, they can now make a transaction over the counter just as similar to a standard credit card. The amount for the user would be deducted via digital currencies owned, but the sellers would receive it in their fiat currencies. For a debit card, the amount shall be deducted immediately from the balance. In the case of credit cards, the amount shall be billed at the end of the cycle which needs to be paid to avoid regular interest charges. 

    Some of the advantages of using crypto cards are -

    1. Allows usage of digital currencies in the real world with the option of earning back rewards more than the traditional credit/debit cards. 
    2. For overseas transactions, the crypto cards help do transactions without incurring any or minimal conversion charges. 
    3. As compared to traditional credit cards, everyone has the option to avail a card without the need to check for previous credit history or credit score. 

    The Top 5 Crypto Cards - 


    Crypto.com is one of the world’s leading crypto-based investment platforms offering the services such as buying and selling of cryptocurrencies, staking, lending, etc. The platform offers its card and helps users earn up to 5% back on their spending. There’s no annual fee for the card and can be topped up with both fiat and digital currencies. The platform offers 5 different cards starting from $0 to $400,000 with benefits increasing in every tier. The tiers differ in terms of rewards earned ranging from 1-5%, and providing benefits on multiple platforms such as Spotify, Netflix, Prime Video, AirBnB, etc, and other exclusive benefits such as exclusive welcome pack, jet partnership, Airport lounge access, etc. For the free version, $200 is the ATM upper limit for the free withdrawals and goes up to $1000 for the highest tier card.  

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    Nexo is one of the leading crypto platforms in the market offering the option of 300+ currencies that can be swapped and exchanged. It also allows to earn interest and borrow funds on the platform. Nexo has its card which helps a user earn up to 2% or 0.5% in BTC. The card supports Apple Pay and Google Pay integration. There are no minimum monthly repayments required by the user. The credit line can use one or multiple assets as collateral, allowing a user to spend up to 90% of the value of the crypto without selling it. The credit rates start at 0% APR.  The platform has 10 free ATM withdrawals a month with an upper limit of €10,000.


    Coinbase is the world’s leading crypto exchange platform offering exchange, borrowing, lending, and other allied services across the globe. Coinbase offers a VISA Debit Card that allows users to earn crypto rewards on every purchase. The card is currently available to users in the USA, though would be available around the world soon. The platform allows tracking of transactions via the Coinbase app. Users can earn up to 4% rewards on spending. The card has a fee that includes £4.95/€4,95 issuance or replacement cost, 2.49% of the transaction to convert crypto to fiat currency.


    Wirex is a one-stop crypto platform that offers its crypto card to users. The platform supports over 50+ cryptocurrencies in 80 million locations across the world. The card rewards pay back up to 2% in WXT on all spending, in-store & online. The platform also has instant in-app alerts to help a user keep track of their payments. It doesn’t have any application fee and offers zero maintenance fee as well. For spending overseas, the card allows users to earn up to  3% via savings. All in all, it’s a perfect card for a crypto enthusiast. 


    Crypterium is a new-age crypto platform that provides crypto wallets and crypto cards. The platform has partnered with VISA to launch its card. It offers both virtual as well as a physical card. The card offered is a debit card.  The platform allows to spend up to €10 000/month in online and offline retailers and withdraw as much as €2 500/month in ATMs worldwide. The platform offers the feature to connect the card with Apple Pay as well. It has a $3.56 monthly maintenance fee that can be waived if you load the card with $356 each month. 

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