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Updated on 28 November, 2022 11:33 AM
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    Breadbytes was founded with a mission to bring like-minded investors to one platform and make smarter decisions to earn passive income in the DeFi network. Breadbytes is a hub for DeFi tools and resources. The platform helps users to make money, save money and save time. In this article, we will discuss bread bytes in detail. 

    Breadbytes provides automated crypto trading bots. It lets users trade and invests in cryptocurrency seamlessly. The platform provides expert and optimized trading strategies to perform in any market condition. 

    Breadbytes is currently focused on two key areas such as protocol reviews and algorithmic trading bots.

    1. Protocol Reviews:

    The platform has given much emphasis to discovering the protocols within the DeFi space to understand what mechanics can make a protocol successful and those that cannot. Essentially creating a kind of measured checklist across several parameters using which potential investors can decide to or not to invest money into a specific project.

    The main outcomes of this exercise as defined by the team is to ensure every potential investor is able to determine:

    • How safe a protocol may or may not be 
    • How the protocol plans on achieving sustainability if possible
    • Whats being done to attract new investors 
    • How to identify a "safe" team versus a "shady" team

    2. BreadBots:

    Its algorithmic trading bots are denoted as "BreadBots''. This platform's successful trading strategies through custom-built technical indicators include:

    • DCA (dollar cost average)
    • Scalping 
    • Support/Resistance 
    • Momentum based price action 

    To start using BreadBots, you will also need to sign up with Astrabit, via which the platform is integrated followed by linking your exchange through an Api Key.

    Key Features of Breadbytes

    • The platform came up with a 20-attribute audit process that encompasses every aspect of a DeFi project and makes it easy for investors to determine their trades.
    • Each project gets a landing page that provides an about section, a links section, and an audit scoring section that helps you find a launched audited project to make an informed buying decision. 
    • These crypto trading bots automatically enter and exit you from trades based on our specified guidelines. 
    • This bot provides real returns and you can swap it for USDC, reinvest, or can cash out into fiat as per your requirements.
    • The platform is continuing to build and tweak bots to offer bigger and better returns,
    • The platform constantly experiments with new strategies and its new bot is Cinnamon Toast bot which will help users make more strategic decisions and higher returns.
    • The platform plans to focus on writing educational content to make new young crypto enthusiasts learn more about cryptocurrency.
    • Almost all of the features of Breadbytes are FREE except BreadBots. 

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