What is Devkins game?

Updated on 30 July, 2022 11:05 PM
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    Devikins is a Tron-based role-playing NFT mobile game. Both iOS and Android devices support it. The playable characters in this role-playing game are Devikins NFTs. Devikins NFTs can be gathered, bred, grown, and used in player versus player conflicts.

    MoonLabs, a brand-new gaming studio made up of industry professionals, created the game Devikins with a player-first environment and an ever-expanding setting. Each playable character in Devikins is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT), meaning that every player in both the Devikins realm and the real world has a completely unique playable character.

    What is Devicoin (DVK) Token?

    Despite the fact that these tokens aren't traditional game currency with no real-world value, Devicoin (DVK) is the utility token that serves as Devikins' main currency. A digital currency called DVK can be exchanged for fiat money and other digital currencies in the real world. You can explore and increase the number of distinctive characters in your pool by breeding your own characters. Additionally, you will be able to sell your own characters and buy and sell others' characters on the market to make DVK.

    How to get started with Devikins?

    To purchase Devikins NFTs, you must have DVK tokens. DVK is now only accessible through Klever Wallet and Klever Exchange. None of Metamask, Pancakeswap, or Binance and other similar platforms offer it. After purchasing your DVK tokens, follow these steps:

    Step 1: Open your Klever Wallet.

    how to get started with devkins - open klever wallet

    Step 2: Click the Browser icon at the bottom of the home screen. In the address bar, type "shop.devikins.com". Enter the key.

    Step 3: A page for the Devikins Shop will be shown. In the top right corner of the screen, click the three horizontal lines. From the left, a pop-up window will emerge. Select "Connect Wallet" from the menu.

    Step 4: A page where you must choose the blockchain account you want to use will be redirected to you. Please pick the TRX account for our needs. When you click the three lines (Menu button) in the upper right corner, the Shop and Inventory selections should now appear on the left side.

    Step 5: The Devikins NFT purchase page will open after you click the Shop button. Packs of Basic (1 NFT), Team (4 NFTs), and Collectors are available (10 NFTs).

    How can you stake DVK Token?

    The DVK token is used for all in-game transactions. These include purchasing characters and other resources. There is a maximum supply of 10,000,000,000 tokens. The initial circulation comprised of 3,600,000,000 tokens.

    Rest of Maximum Supply: In a three-year staking term, 100% (6.4B) will be distributed as a play and earn incentive within the game. Players will be able to deposit their DVK at a 16 percent APR for the first month in the Klever Wallet. After that, the APR was 12 percent for 2021. In 2022, staking returns will be 10% APR, and in 2023, they'll be 8% APR.

    Who are the competitors of Devikins?

    There are a large number of games available on the Tron Blockchain, similar to Devikins. These include ChainZ Arena, Galaxy online, Athena, etc.

    Let us take the example of ChainZ Arena and compare it with Devikins. As compared to Devikins which operated on Tron, ChainZ Arena is the first first cross-blockchain (ETH, TRON, EOS) and the cross-platform idle RPG game launched on April 24, 2020. Similar to this, it requires you to create a hero deck to fight AI opponents and other players.

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