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Updated on 14 August, 2022 8:13 AM
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    What is Farmers World?

    Farmers World was developed in Japan by G.JIT JAPAN and built on the Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) blockchain. It has gained popularity in the crypto, play-to-earn gaming space. It is a passive mining game that gamers play to earn crypto.

    There are three primary resources in Farmers World: Wood, Food, and Gold, corresponding to 3 tokens: FWW (Wood), FWF (Food), and FWG (Gold).

    Corresponding to these three types of token on farmers world, there are three tool groups to exploit these resources:

    1. FWG: Mining Excavator
    2. FWF: Fishing Rod, Net, Boat.
    3. FWW: Axe, Saw, Chainsaw

    In addition to mining these tokens, they can be bought from decentralized crypto marketplaces or other farmers. Players can sell or purchase tokens: FWF, FWW, and FWG at decentralized marketplace such as Alcor. Every unique player in the game is known as a Farmer.

    There are different indexes available in the game that one needs to be mindful of:

    • Durability
    • Energy
    • Countdown

    Durability Index on Farmers World

    This index indicates the durability of the tool. Each tool has a different durability index. In the mining process, the durability index will be decreased. To recover it, players must use FWG. Players can't remove it or change to another tool if it does not have enough durability index. The tool that has a durability index equal to 0 is not lost. The starting durability of tools ranges between 25 and 1,600.

    Farmers World - Energy index

    It shows energy losses in the mining process. Consuming Energy depends on each tool. Farmers need to use FWF to recover Energy.

    Countdown time - Farmers World

    After mining, it will take time to continue. In countdown status, items can't be removed or changed.

    How to get started with Farmers World?

    • To play Farmers World, you need to have a WAX wallet (https://on.wax.io/wax-io/) and equipped tools to start your journey. The WAX Wallet site creates a custodial wallet and gives you a small amount of these resources, to begin with. To create a WAX account, ensure that you follow the steps given below:
    • Start by ensuring you're logged into your WAX Wallet account and have the recommended 1 WAX and some CPU free.
    • Create a new account with a 12-character name (exact), a-z, 1-5 only.
    • Create New Accounts Public Owner Key, i.e., the public key extracted above
    • Create a New Accounts Public Active Key, which could either be the same key used in Owner or the 2nd key copied above.
    • Have a minimum of 0.1 NET/CPU to Stake for New Account
    • RAM to buy for New Account: This comes to about 0.8 WAX.
    • Check to transfer the staked resources to a new account: Should the new account receive these tokens permanently, or will your WAX Wallet account retain ownership and 'lend' the resources?
    • Sidebar: separating owner/active. While you can enter two separate public keys in these fields (which are supposed to be more secure), it won't enhance your security much. The ability to separate these ledger private keys comes into play when you create two private keys on a hot/paper wallet and want to limit the functionality of one key, perhaps for a trust, spouse, etc.

    After creating your WAX account, you can proceed with playing the game.

    With new Farmers, there are two ways to get new tools:

    • Purchase on AtomicHub (Drops or Secondary Market)
    • Using the "Craft" feature in the game to create new tools.

    There are different processes that the farmer must utilize to set up his farm:

    • Mining: Farmers can farm Gold and NFTs within Farmers World by simply mining and playing the game. Farmers can create tools and repair their equipments by using Gold and Wood. Catch fish to exploit food and utilize the food to maximize their strength stats.
    • Breeding: While setting up a farm, there are several wild animals that farmers need to be wary of. To save their fields, farmers raise cattle to produce food and store the food produced as Energy for future use.
    • Building: The farmers build cow sheds and chicken coops to expand their farms. Solid cages will help pets grow up healthy and fast, as well as protect pets from wild animals.
    • Cultivation: Food crops grow from seeds, and farmers harvest this food to care for their cattle.
    • Wild animals: These jungle monsters like to destroy farms, cattle, and trees. Farmers use their pets to fight off these wild animals.

    Things to note while cultivating crops and raising animals:

    • Dairy Cows need to consume Barley.
    • Calves need to consume Barley.
    • Baby Calves need to consume Milk.
    • Chicks and Chickens need to consume Barley.
    • There's a countdown between animal feedings.

    Besides adding new characters and items, Farmer's World plans to add the ability to:

    • Forge weapons
    • Recruit weapons
    • Cultivate fruits
    • Defend farms

    Players may also be able to exchange resources in Farmers World with another player with Farmers World.

    Farmers World demands some patience. Animals and crops take time to grow, tools have cool-down times, and your characters need to replenish Energy. The gameplay isn't fascinating, but it could be worth looking into for gamers who want to earn without relying on skill.

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