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Updated on 14 August, 2022 1:58 PM
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    Widely talked about in recent times in the crypto space, Sunflower Land is the brainchild of the once popular game Sunflower farm that had taken the Polygon by storm. Unfortunately, Sunflower farm had to be taken down but is now replaced by the latest, blockchain-friendly iteration version of it, Sunflower Land which happens to be the topic of discussion for us today. Retaining the looks and feels of the parent game, the developers have tried to make it devoid of any loopholes or mistakes which were there before.

    What is the Polygon sidechain?

    Previously known as the Matic Network, Polygon is a scaling solution that seeks to offer a variety of tools to increase the speed, lower cost, and simplify transactions on blockchain networks. Ethereum sits at the heart of Polygon’s vision and the role of Ethereum is to provide a platform where you may join virtual worlds, play games, purchase art, and take part in a variety of financial activities. This gave rise to a lot of popular games on the digital space that allowed users something other than just transactions.

    Sunflower Land origin

    As mentioned earlier, Sunflower Land emerged from the ruins of Sunflower Farm for an immensely better user experience, and its beta version was launched in April.2022. Even though Sunflower Farm's initial launch was not entirely successful, it revealed the enormous amount of gamers that are interested in such a platform.

    Sunflower Land gameplay

    As the name suggests, sunflower harvesting is where the game starts. You purchase sunflower seeds with the proceeds of that transaction in order to plant additional sunflowers, which you will then harvest and sell for additional seeds. Apart from sunflowers, the game also features a wide variety of other crops such as pumpkins, etc. Other than harvesting users can also cook in the kitchen, harvest wood from trees, craft new tools and do a lot of other fun activities in the digital space. Although the game now only features crops, farm animals like chickens and lambs will soon be added.

    How does Sunflower Land work?

    The game has been built to run mostly off the blockchain network even though players are still allowed to buy, sell, and trade resources and NFTs on the blockchain. Every item you get in the game has a unique ID on the Polygon blockchain. As you expand your farming empire, you can farm, chop, mine, and create products. This brings us to a vital aspect of Sunflower Land – the SFL tokens.

    Sunflower Land tokens (SFL tokens)

    The economic foundation of the Sunflower Land ecosystem is SFL. It functions as both the play-to-earn rewards token and in-game money. Through the game, you can absolutely run your way to success by putting in hours. However, individuals who are impatient can just buy SFL tokens straight now to avoid some of the tediousness.

    Every crop that a player harvests and sells on the in-game market earns them SFL tokens. Importantly, players will also want SFL tokens in order to make bonus-generating goods and buy more seeds. SFL payouts are determined by the token's total supply. The supply of the token is varied so a halving event was introduced that halved the prices of in-game items but not the actual token. This was done to balance the SFL ecosystem.

    The Wishing Well, an SFL liquidity provision mechanism, is also open to players. A percentage of the withdrawal tax that players pay when they withdraw their SFL winnings is deposited into the wishing well.

    Thus Sunflower Land can be a widely entertaining play-to-earn platform and can become one of the most popular games in the crypto space.




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